Photograph Exhibition of Powerful Women of the Metro Met with Istanbulites

The powerful women of the metro met with the Istanbulites in the photo exhibition
The powerful women of the metro met with the Istanbulites in the photo exhibition

IMM celebrates 8 March International Women's Day with events that highlight the courage and inspiration of women. With the portrait of 25 Turkish women who broke grounds, the strong women of the metro, which serves in METRO ISTANBUL, a subsidiary of IMM, met with Istanbulites at the subway station.

Metro Istanbul underlines the courage of women and the inspiration this courage gives to their fellows with the events organized on March 8, International Women's Day. Turkey's largest city rail operators METRO ISTANBUL, March 8 Monday Istanbul's main crossing point from Mecidiyekoy station on the M2-M7 Connection Tunnel walls, the portraits of 25 women's firsts met with Istanbul.

With this work, a work consisting of the portraits of 25 women who broke grounds in important fields and paved the way for the next generations was left to Istanbul residents. The opening of the work, measuring 990 × 460 cm, was held on Monday, March 8, with the participation of the Women Candidates Support Association (KA.DER), the Artist and the General Manager of Metro Istanbul.

Metro's Strong Women photo exhibition

Operating in the rail systems sector dominated by men all over the world with the belief that women can do all kinds of work, METRO ISTANBUL is increasing the number of female employees day by day, and the “Powerful Women of METRO ISTANBUL”, which includes 429 women from 40 women who successfully do their job, have participated in this event. organizes a photography exhibition called. The exhibition, which will be held at Mecidiyeköy station, can be visited until 31 March.

The photo shoots were made by the General Manager.

Women participating in the event were photographed by Metro Istanbul General Manager Özgür Soy. Stating that they wanted to organize an exhibition of photographs of women employees while planning their activities for International Women's Day, General Manager Soy said:

"Project; It was both exciting for my photographer's hat, and as a general manager, photographing my female colleagues for International Women's Day was a strong message that can be given about this day. Women are imprisoned in missions imposed on them all over the world. While we were planning our shots, we asked our employees to express themselves in their own realities. They gave the message that they were successful by living freely in a masculine industry. He posed with make-up materials who wish, with a mixer who wishes, and with his daughter who wishes… I believe that we have done a good job in the end. We know that our female employees inspire their fellows by successfully fulfilling their duties. That is why I am extremely happy and proud to sign such a project. "

"We want to set an example in our industry"

Indicating that the rate of female employees of the company is around 8 percent when they take office, Özgür Soy said, “We take steps to support gender equality in society by showing that women do every job in every sector. Accordingly, 2020 percent of our recruitments in 92 were women. For the first time in the 33-year history of the company, we recruited a female station supervisor. Again, for the first time, 6 female tram drivers started their duties. We want to increase this number even more and we believe it will increase. Because our female friends working in our company set an example for their fellows with their success in their jobs. We approach this issue as a change and transformation movement, and we want to set an example in our industry ”.

Need a transformative change

According to the 2020 Women's Business and Law Report prepared by the World Bank; It has been determined that only 10 countries in the world are given 100% equal rights at the legal level. Turkey, in 1933 women in the world and one of the first countries to select the right to be elected. Yet today, in this report, where 190 countries, Turkey ranks 82,5th compared to 78'lik percent.

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