ŞİMŞEK Target Aircraft System Blue Homeland Exercise Made a Sound

lightning target aircraft system on duty in blue homeland exercise
lightning target aircraft system on duty in blue homeland exercise

The High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System Şimşek, which was originally developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), continued to serve as a target aircraft in the blue homeland exercise. Şimşek flew 8 sorties in total in the exercise, where the whole operation was carried out with the systems installed on the ship by deploying on the ship in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Aegean. Şimşek has made a significant contribution to the air defense and close air defense firing of the ships in a realistic threat environment.

Şimşek High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System, which contributes to the effective use of the training and firing period of the exercise by reducing the aircraft launch interval to 6-8 minutes, continues to be developed in a way to respond to the developing and changing user needs in a short time to meet the future target aircraft needs.

Simsek, which has characteristics close to the flight characteristics of combat aircraft and missiles attacking targets located on the ground or on the sea surface, with different payload configurations and wide flight envelope that allows it to fly at different speeds in the range of 50-20,000 feet, resembling many different aircraft and guided missiles. can fly. With these features, it provides an effective air threat simulation against ground systems.

Şimşek High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System, which was initiated by TAI as an R&D project with its own resources to meet the training and testing needs of air defense units and systems, continues to serve the armed forces.

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