Led Light for Traffic Lights in Düzce

Led Light for Traffic Lights
Led Light for Traffic Lights

Düzce Municipality is installing its own production LED lighting system in order to prevent the drivers from being exposed to traffic light rule violations. It is aimed to improve the weaknesses in sight and stopping distances by installing LED lamps in the existing traffic signaling system.

By Düzce Municipality, LED lamps are installed in traffic signaling systems at certain intersections of the city. After the Support Services Directorate completed the R&D studies for safe driving in traffic, LED systems that will increase the visibility of the lamps started to be put into use. The new signaling system will be applied to all traffic lights in my city.

With the new system, the LEDs on the poles to which the signaling system is connected also light up, increasing the angle of view of the drivers. Thanks to the system, which will provide significant convenience to drivers, especially in terms of night vision, it is aimed to minimize the rule violations. On the other hand, LED light systems will add visual beauty to the roads in terms of aesthetics.

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