Dried Figs Export Exceeds 42 Thousand Tons

dried fig exports exceeded a thousand tons
dried fig exports exceeded a thousand tons

The export revenue obtained from dried figs, defined as the fruit of paradise, in the 2020/21 season reached 2 million dollars with an increase of 158 percent.

Turkey is the world leader in the manufacture and export a pleasing development in dried figs from other traditional export products experienced the increase in the average export price. While all dried figs were exported for an average of 2019 thousand 20 dollars in the 4/30 season, they found customers for 2020 thousand 21 dollars in the 4/245 season.

According to the data of Aegean Exporters Union; Turkey Dried figs $ 30 million in the period until February 2020, 2020 in the 21/27 season starting September 2021, 158 managed to export. Turkey's exports dried figs same period of 2019/20 season had been $ 155 million.

Turkey, 2019/20 season, September 26, 2019 - 27th February 2020 period, 43 thousand 415 tons of dried figs exported Speaking, made 2020 thousand 21 tons of dried figs exported in the 42/707 season.

2020/21 season in Turkey's dried figs harvest estimated 85 thousand tons of that information that the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters Union Chairman Birol Celebi, 2019/20 season, 90 thousand tons of dried figs they experience decline in exports despite the decline in yield estimation, all dried figs He noted that they also achieved a 5 percent increase in the average export price on dollar basis.

Defining dried figs as 'Prestige product', Celep said, “Our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our exporters and producers join forces to export dried figs with more added value. There is an increase in commodity prices around the world. The World Health Organization has included dried figs on the list of healthy foods. Dried figs are one of the foodstuffs that strengthen the immune system in the human body during the pandemic period. "The current conditions increase the demand for our dried figs and we expect the increase in dried fig export prices to continue."

Germany, France and USA demanded the most for dried figs

The start of the 2020/21 season until February 30, 2020 the period since September 27, 2021 in most demand dried figs from Turkey came from Germany. 9 million 24 thousand dollars worth of dried figs were exported to Germany with an increase of 163 percent.

France is; Turkish dried fig imports, which were 20 million 799 thousand dollars last season, increased by 8 percent to 22 million 522 thousand dollars.

As part of the TURQUALITY Project carried out by the Aegean Exporters' Associations with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, the Hybrid Tasting activity on dried fruit products started to bear fruit. dried figs from Turkey exports to the US increased by 2020 percent in the 21/19 season rose from $ 15,9 million to $ 18,9 million.

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