Normalization Intensity in İzmir Traffic

Normalization intensity in Izmir traffic
Normalization intensity in Izmir traffic

With the beginning of the controlled normalization period, the end of the flexible working practice in the public and the transition to face-to-face education in some classrooms in schools, a noticeable density started in İzmir traffic. The number of motor vehicles using the main arteries has increased by up to 55 percent.

Turkey normalization controlled throughout the period, as of Tuesday, March 2 Presidential Circular came to life. With it, the period of flexible working in the public is over; In some classes of pre-school and primary and secondary schools, face-to-face education has been gradually introduced. With the traffic of private vehicles as well as service vehicles, a noticeable density started on the main arteries of Izmir. The data of the Izmir Transportation Center (IZUM), affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on Monday, March 1 and March 8, clearly show this increase.

Here are the increase rates

The number of vehicles using Fevzipaşa Boulevard in the city center; While it was 1 thousand 07.30 in the time zone of 08.30-3 on Monday, March 138; This figure was counted as 8 on Monday, March 26, with an increase of 3 percent in the same time zone.

The number of vehicles using Konak-Alsancak direction; It was 1 in the same time zone on 1.242 March. On March 8, it reached 55 with an increase of 1.928 percent in the same time zone.

While the number of vehicles coming to Konak direction on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard was 1 thousand 08.00 in the 08.30-3 segment on 506 March; In the same time zone on March 8, this number was measured as 15 thousand 4 with an increase of 21 percent.

While the number of vehicles passing through Alsancak Cumhuriyet Boulevard was 1 in two hours between 07.30-09.30 on 2731 March; On March 8, it became 25 thousand 3 with an increase of 427 percent in the same time period.

Also on Anadolu Street KarşıyakaIn the direction of Konak, a 1 percent increase in density was observed between 8-07.00 on 09.30 March compared to 6 March. In this time zone, 17 thousand 131 vehicles drove the street.

Considering the whole day, on Monday, March 8, an average of 6 percent increase was observed in urban traffic compared to the same day of the previous week.

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