Dam Occupancy Rates in Istanbul Exceed Last Year

Dam occupancy rates in Istanbul exceeded the previous year
Dam occupancy rates in Istanbul exceeded the previous year

With the recent rainfall in Istanbul, the occupancy rates in dams have increased to 65 percent. The projections are that the occupancy will exceed 70 percent with the coming rainfall in the coming days. Making evaluations on the occasion of the World Water Day, İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu stated that there will not be a water crisis this year and still pointed out the importance of saving. Mermutlu said, “As IMM and İSKİ, we expect the residents of Istanbul to use water efficiently. However, we are also rapidly carrying out the necessary work to both protect our water and plan the future of the city ”.

The date of March 1993, declared as the “World Water Day” in 22 by the United Nations General Assembly, is becoming more and more important in Istanbul, as it is in many cities of the world. kazanhe's eating. İBB and its subsidiary İSKİ are working to raise a generation with high awareness of the necessity of conscious, sensitive and rational use of water resources, which are of great importance for the preservation of living life and natural balance.


Experts state that if water resources are not used correctly, a great water shortage awaits the world. According to researches, Istanbul is among the cities that will have water problems. Making evaluations about the water of Istanbul, ISKI General Manager Raif Mermutlu stated that 90 thousand cubic meters of water was supplied to the city in the early 800s, today this figure is more than 3 million cubic meters on average.

Stating that an average of 190 liters of water is consumed per person per day in Istanbul, Mermutlu said, "We estimate that this amount will reach 2053 liters in 210". Underlining that our country has a semi-arid and arid climate and that efficient use of water is always important, General Manager Mermutlu said, "As Istanbulites, we can protect our water with small changes we will make in our daily habits."


Referring to the occupancy rate of dams in Istanbul, İSKİ General Manager Mermutlu said, “As of March 22, the occupancy rate of our dams reached 65 percent. This figure was 64 percent in the same period last year. We predict that we will exceed 70 percent with the precipitation that will come in the coming days. I would like to state that there will not be a water shortage in Istanbul. However, caution should not be left behind ”he said.


IMM and İSKİ, which rapidly carry out the necessary works for both the protection of water and the planning of the future of the city, also carry out studies to raise awareness on water efficiency and saving. In this context, free distribution of aerators, which saves approximately 30 percent of water, continues, starting with subscribers using 66 cubic meters and more water per month.

Giving information about the austerity measures taken by İSKİ, General Manager Raif Mermutlu said:

“We are working to reduce the loss-leakage rates as much as possible. We are working towards the efficient use and sustainability of water resources. Legislation on rainwater harvesting and gray water use has been published. We also emphasize the importance of this issue. We are planning new dams to meet the city's future water needs ”.


İSKİ also gave information about small and effective suggestions on water saving. Accordingly, we can shorten the shower-bath times and accumulate water in a bucket until hot water flows from the tap. We can wash the dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing them, and turn off the tap while brushing our teeth. We can repair our dripping taps and flowing toilet bowls, and wash vegetables and fruits in a bowl of water, not in running water. We can start the washing machine after it is full, and turn down the valves under the sinks.

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