Urban Transformation Excitement in Gaziemir

the excitement of urban transformation in Gaziemir
the excitement of urban transformation in Gaziemir

The urban transformation process, which gained momentum after İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer included the municipal company İZBETON in the tender process, created excitement in the Aktepe and Emrez neighborhoods of Gaziemir. While the Metropolitan entered the preparation process for the construction of the first stage, the people of the region waiting for the evacuation and demolition processes started counting the days to achieve earthquake-resistant residences and a healthy environment.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started a transformation movement for licensed buildings in order to make Izmir a safe city, also accelerated the urban transformation works in six regions where there are gecekondu areas and unlicensed illegal buildings. Continuing its transformation efforts in Gaziemir's Aktepe and Emrez districts, Büyükşehir has reached the end of the reconciliation process in Emrez. Büyükşehir, which started preparations for the construction of the first stage in the 122-hectare project area, will also start the reconciliation phase in Aktepe. When the project is completed, approximately 10 thousand residences, workplaces, tourism and commercial units will be built in the region. The region across the Fair Izmir will thus be made compatible with the city. Unlike other regions, in Gaziemir, within the scope of the Urban Transformation Law, a turnkey construction tender will be made for approximately 600 independent units on the land owned by the Metropolitan Municipality, which was purchased from the Treasury at fair value. Thus, while reconciliation negotiations with the right holders continue, the construction of the housing will be started.

"They even calculated the trees in my garden"

The people of the region, who have signed contracts in the Emrez District and are waiting for evacuation and demolition procedures, are happy to have a healthy environment with earthquake-resistant residences, green areas and parks. Hasan and Safiye Horasan couple, who have lived in the region for 41 years and said that their two-storey houses are very old and unstable, “Our house is very neglected, it is cold from everywhere. It's almost like it will collapse on us. We have to light a stove. Now we want to live comfortably in a comfortable home, ”he said. Stating that they are very afraid of earthquakes and therefore they want to settle in healthy houses as soon as possible, Hasan Horasan said, “When the project is completed, there will be cultural areas and social facilities. Our grandchildren will grow up in a good environment; He will walk in green areas, play in the park. This is how we roll. "We will spend our last period comfortable" he said. Stating that they will buy three flats from the project by giving their own house, Hasan Horasan said, “The friends in the municipality's urban transformation office were really helpful, they gave what we wanted. While determining the entitlement, they calculated the trees and even the cluster in my house. We have no confidence in the Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Tunç Soyer ”.

"We will live in better conditions where we know"

Saying that they have lived in the Emrez neighborhood since the early 1970s, Ayşegül Şentürk emphasized that they were uneasy in every earthquake, so they were one of the first families to sign the contract to be included in the metropolitan urban transformation project. Emphasizing that they want to live in a safe house, Şertürk said, “We do not have a parking lot or green space. Parents should live in an old, warm and comfortable home. We want to stay here because we grew up here. With this project, we will live where we know, but in better conditions, ”he said.

"We are in the neighborhood even after turnkey"

Saying that they have made an important progress in the reconciliation negotiations, urban planner Burcu Sungur, who works at the Metropolitan's Urban Transformation Office in Gaziemir, stated that they have been working in direct contact with the residents of the neighborhood since the border announcement and said, “In the light of all the findings we made in the field of transformation, we have completed the entitlement studies. We entered a national scale competition for Urban Design and Architectural Preliminary project procurement. Then, by introducing the project to the people of the region, we first started the reconciliation negotiations in stages at Emrez. Residents were offered apartments in the project, considering the construction rights from the ground and the construction rights from the ground. In Emrez, the compromise is coming to an end, and the tender area of ​​the first stage is also clear. "When the tender is launched, the construction process will begin for the beneficiaries of the first stage in line with the contracts made. Stating that they remain in the area after the reconciliation talks and continue to be with the residents of the region, Sungur said, “We are here until turnkey. In fact, we continue to stay here for a while to be able to intervene when citizens have difficulties afterwards. Because we do not bring the people of the region against the contractor. "We, as the municipality, run all the processes," he said. Emphasizing that the people of the region are very excited about the transformation, Sungur said, “The people who migrated here built houses for their parcels in time, but there are not enough green areas and social facilities. However, with the urban transformation project, there will be green areas, children's playgrounds, education and health areas in the region. A large recreation area was created around the stream. Citizens are also excited that new transportation alternatives will come, ”he said.

Tradesmen will continue their commercial activities in the same place.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality planned the project area in Aktepe-Emrez as a green area around the stream. These areas will be arranged for various activities such as walking and cycling tracks and outdoor sports fields. With the project, areas such as cultural facilities, health facilities, municipal service areas have been increased and made accessible. A pedestrian axis that pedestrians can use comfortably and where commercial activity will be intense has been determined. This pedestrian axis, which provides a connection to the square, park and reinforcement areas, is connected with the area where the existing tree clusters are located in the Aktepe District. Altan Aydın Street was planned as the main trade axis where commercial activities are carried out intensively and where commercial units will take place. With the on-site transformation principle, it will be ensured that not only the home owners but also the tradesmen and business owners in the area continue their commercial activities in the same place after the transformation. Residences, which include various types of uses, will be built according to open spaces, road widths and usage fronts.



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