High Speed ​​Train Flights with Bus Transfer to Bursa Begins

fast train service with bus transfer to Bursa
fast train service with bus transfer to Bursa

YHT services with bus connections between Ankara-Eskişehir-Bursa and Konya-Eskişehir-Bursa start on March 10, 2021. In addition, the subscription tickets were put on the market again. Passengers will be able to purchase bus tickets from Eskişehir to Bursa or from Bursa to Eskişehir from the contracted bus company. Thus, it will be possible to travel from Bursa via Eskişehir to Ankara and Konya first by bus and then by high speed train.

YHT services with bus connections between Eskişehir and Bursa start on March 10, 2021. There will be a total of 3 buses per day, 3 departures and 2 arrivals between Ankara-Eskişehir-Bursa, 2 departures and 10 arrivals between Konya-Eskişehir-Bursa. In addition, tickets for bus-connected flights, which will start on March 10, are on sale from today.

The subscription tickets, which were suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak, went on sale again. The packages with 15-20 and 30 boarding passes offer economic travel opportunities with different discount rates.

As part of the fight against the epidemic, ticket sales were made 5 days in advance. Tickets are on sale 15 days before the day of travel since the beginning of the week.

Now, eyes are turned to regional and mainline trains that have not been operating since March 2020. It is stated that regional trains may be put into service in the second half of this month, depending on the course of the epidemic and disease.

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