ESHOT-ENSIA Cooperation in Renewable Energy

eshot ensia collaboration on renewable energy
eshot ensia collaboration on renewable energy

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate will cooperate with the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSİA) for the electric bus investments and related infrastructure works in the near future. Minister Tunç SoyerWithin the scope of the protocol signed by ESHOT, ESHOT will benefit from ENSİA's technical and human resources experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Establishing a Solar Power Plant (GES) on the roofs of the Gediz garage, which currently has 20 electric buses in its fleet, ESHOT General Directorate plans to increase the number of electric buses in the near future. In this direction; Gediz Second Stage GES, Buca Adatepe Garage GES and Karşıyaka Ataşehir Garajı GES projects are also being implemented.

ESHOT, which does not neglect to receive expert support for the realization of these important projects, will cooperate with the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSİA). Within the scope of cooperation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer A protocol was signed with ENSİA. Within the framework of the protocol; Collaborations will be developed on electrical energy infrastructure project studies, renewable energy resources applications and energy efficiency projects needed for charging electric buses.

"There is a lot we have to do in Izmir"

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyerhighlighted the importance of the protocol. Soyer said: “The biggest shortcoming of İzmir is that it does not sufficiently benefit from the lack of renewable energy. I experienced this very dramatically in Germany. Solar energy is almost one-tenth of Turkey's, but its use is almost ten times ours. Now this is embarrassing, sad. It's not believable. It is not acceptable,” he said. Stating that there is a lot of work to be done on this issue in İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “There is a huge gap. Izmir, Turkey does not deserve this. We are the ones who are on the point of changing this. I think this issue is one of the biggest shortcomings of İzmir. We will do whatever we can,” he said. Noting that they do not see the incident only as a commercial gain, Soyer emphasized that they are ready for a strong cooperation.

100 more electric buses

Eco-friendly electric buses, the first time in Izmir in Turkey Metropolitan ESHOT reminiscent Municipality received the General Manager Erhan Bey, "in line with our strategic plan covering the 2020-2024 period, we plan to take first place in the 100 more electric buses. Before this investment, we need to implement our new SPP projects so that we can meet all the charging needs of the buses we will buy from the sun. In this direction, the cooperation we have established with ENSIA will contribute to making our investments in the most efficient and correct way ”.

"Let the Renewable Energy Summit be held"

Hüseyin Vatansever, Chairman of the Board of ENSIA, emphasized that they wish ESHOT's visionary perspective based on clean energy resources to set an example for all cities. Noting that they, as the association, assist every institution and organization requesting technical support from them, Vatansever noted that they aim to contribute to ESHOT's studies in the field of energy with their suggestions and analyzes. Vatansever added that the equipment manufacturers clustered in Izmir, the capital of renewable energy, would also be happy to be included in the value-added chain of these investments. Reminding that the Water Summit was held by the Metropolitan Municipality in İzmir, Vatansever suggested that the Renewable Energy Summit be held in the city. Soyer stated that hosting such a summit would make them happy.

After the speeches, President Soyer and ENSIA Chairman Hüseyin Vatansever signed the protocol. The signing ceremony was attended by ESHOT Deputy General Managers as well as ENSIA Board of Directors.

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