DEVA Party Participated in the URAYSİM Debate


📩 01/03/2021 12:37

İsmail Haşim Ateş, Eskişehir Provincial Chairman of the DEVA Party, made a press release about URAYSİM. Ateş, “National Rail Systems Test and Research Center Project (URAYSİM) is an important project in the field of rail systems on behalf of our country. Our city has led our country in rail systems since before the republic, and will reinforce this feature with URAYSİM, ”he said.

Ateş's statement is as follows: “Our party supports all kinds of projects that will reduce foreign dependency. Thanks to this project, the tests of the rail systems that we have to have abroad can be carried out in our country and it will bring added value to our country since there will be those who want to have these tests done from abroad. In addition, academic studies to be carried out at the research center will enable us to make progress as a country in the field of rail systems.

On behalf of the discussions in our city recently, the opinions of our provincial directorate about this project are in the direction of the implementation of the project. We could not make sense that the Metropolitan Municipality said this project was completed in 2012 and applied to the court for a stay of execution decision last month after the necessary plans were passed by the parliament. The action for the suspension of execution must be made public exactly what is intended. With the acceptance that almost 70% of the project has been completed, the suspension of execution and the cancellation decisions that can be taken and the manufacturing made so far are in question, and we would like to state that we do not approve this decision as the provincial presidency. First of all, it is our citizenship duty to declare that we are against the waste of even the smallest national wealth, not such a big project.

It should be created in non-agricultural areas

For the sake of effective utilization of agricultural lands, all kinds of non-agricultural work on these lands again mean the waste of our resources. For the URAYSİM project, it is also necessary to establish a light rail systems specialized industrial area specified by the ESO management, even in addition to the industrial area, accommodation areas and public service areas should also be created. However, our party argues that these residential areas should be created in non-agricultural areas in the district. Apart from that, we are against all kinds of planned areas to be built in agricultural lands. According to the Alpu district report prepared by BEBKA (Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency) in 2012; Area of ​​Alpu District is 1.059.130 ​​decares, 400.490 decares of agricultural land, 389.640 decares of forest land, 220,700 decares of meadow-pasture, 48.300 decares of non-agricultural land. The service areas required for the URAYSİM project do not have to be built right next to it. We believe that there can be enough space in the 48.300 decares non-agricultural area in the county for the essential service areas. We think that such an investment that will create added value for our city should be encouraged, but we also emphasize that ecological factors should be taken into account.

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