Bursa Metropolitan Became a Member of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association

Joined Bursa Buyuksehir Intelligent Transportation Systems Association
Joined Bursa Buyuksehir Intelligent Transportation Systems Association

Bursa in a better future to carry the project 'intelligent urbanism' investment in focusing the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, all segments working in the field of intelligent transportation systems in Turkey was the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society members providing bringing together knowledge and experience sharing.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality once again showed how much importance it attaches to smart urbanism by becoming a member of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş received the certificate of membership in Intelligent Transportation Systems from the Association's Chairman Erol Yanar and General Secretary Erol Aydın. During the visit, Deputy Secretary General Gazeli Şen, Head of Smart Urbanism and Innovation Department Cüneyt Taşkesen, Head of Transportation Department Rüştü Şanlı were also present.

"We will come to a better point"

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they are the 47th member of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association and wished that the study would bring good luck to Bursa. Stating that they have implemented important works as the Metropolitan Municipality in order to eliminate the negative effects of increasing traffic densities and to connect them to a system, Mayor Aktaş underlined that the purpose of smart transportation systems is to increase road safety, road capacity, mobility, travel comfort and speed. Stating that he aims to minimize energy costs and environmental impacts, Mayor Aktaş said, “I believe that the process will be a gain for Bursa with the implementation of the new Traffic Control System. The pandemic process we were in had negative effects. The fact that the weekend restrictions put load on the week and the limited hours also revealed a very serious escape especially in public transportation and a serious traffic density. However, we continue to normalize. With these studies we will do, we will come to a better point in transportation. In particular examples of our membership associations will take power in Turkey and in Europe we want to be one of the municipalities. We have serious investments in this process, ”he said.

Intelligent transport is a must

Intelligent Transportation Systems Association Chairman Erol Yanar, all segments of working in the field of intelligent transportation systems in Turkey said they aimed to bring together the knowledge and experience sharing. Explaining that they established the association in 2016 to carry out the practices within a certain strategy, Yanar said that the membership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also gives them strength. Explaining that they will contribute to the good works in Bursa as an association in the next period, Yanar said that achieving serious successes, especially in the field of transportation, depends on the use of new technologies. Stating that the physical capacities of the roads are clear and that transportation can be facilitated by using smart transportation, Yanar congratulated Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and its President Alinur Aktaş who have done successful works in this regard.



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