Attention to Heart Diseases After Coronavirus!

attention to heart disease after coronavirus
attention to heart disease after coronavirus

Emphasizing the necessity of CT-guided cardiac scanning of patients who have had Covid-19 disease and have been treated and then felt pain in their chest, Ankara Private 100. Yıl Hospital Radiology Specialist Dr. Alper Bozkurt; "In the heart vessels after Covid-19 disease" Unexpected sudden vascular occlusions and atypical chest pains can be seen. For this reason, early diagnosis will prevent patients from getting a heart attack, ”he said.

Unexpected sudden vascular occlusions and atypical chest pains are observed in patients all over the world after the Covid-19 outbreak. Experts emphasize that while cardiovascular diseases have been one of the biggest problems of the world in recent times, it has become a disease that causes an increase in the risk of death with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Dr. Alper Bozkurt, Radiology Specialist of Ankara Private 100. Yıl Hospital, who made statements on the subject; "Unexpected sudden vascular occlusions and atypical chest pains", whose incidence increased after the Covid-19 outbreak, can lead to unresolvable results if not treated, "he said.

Radiology Specialist of Ankara Private 100. Yıl Hospital Dr. Alper Bozkurt said, “Sometimes a small problem in the veins or valves feeding the heart, sometimes in an unexpected part of the heart affects your life, sometimes even determines it. He underlined that the diagnosis of heart diseases, of which early diagnosis is of great importance, is made early and accurately with 100-section CT (Computed Tomography) device in the Radiology Department of the 128. Yıl Hospital, due to the serious consequences they cause these days. "

"Heart Attack Symptoms"

Heart attack occurs as a result of sudden blockage of the heart vessel and its annual incidence in the community is 0.6.

Heart attack symptoms include; The patient has a feeling of burning, pressure and squeezing in the chest, and these complaints may also spread to the chin and arms.

The combination of cold sweating with nausea and vomiting makes the diagnosis stronger and the complaints start suddenly. It develops independently of the patient's location, time and activity.

Complaints last for more than 30 minutes and people in this situation should be taken immediately by an ambulance to the emergency department of the nearest heart center or hospital.

Since there is a life-threatening situation, the most effective intervention in this case can be done in hospitals. But while the risk is high, not every heart attack results in death.

"Attention To Chest Pain That Comes With Exercise!"

There is a self-opening heart vessel that is prone to clogging by the clot. Chest pain that comes with exercise: Chest pain in the form of pressure that comes from doing any work is one of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease. You may feel pressure, burning and heaviness in your chest while walking, climbing stairs and slopes, after meals or in cold weather. The characteristic of this pain is that it decreases and disappears spontaneously (in less than 5 minutes) when you stop walking. In some cases, it can also spread between the shoulder bones in the left shoulder, inner part of the left arm, neck or lower jaw and back, or it can be felt primarily in this area. The cause is a gradual narrowing of your heart artery.

Radiology Specialist Dr. Alper Bozkurt emphasized the importance of the issue, saying "It is very important for patients who observe these symptoms themselves to apply to a physician as soon as possible and to initiate appropriate diagnosis and treatment."

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