ASELSAN M60 Fire Control System and Electric Gun and Turret Power System

aselsandan fire control system and electric gun and turret power system
aselsandan fire control system and electric gun and turret power system

ASELSAN has included the M60 Fire Control System and the Electric Gun and Turret Power System (ETKTS) in the brochures it has recently published on its website.

In the nomenclature M60 In the brochure of the fire control system (AKS), where the expression is used, there are images of the modernized M60TM tanks.

With the project, the contract of which was signed in 2002, the M60A1 tanks in the TSK inventory were first modernized by the Israeli company IMI and upgraded to the M60T level. In the light of the experiences gained within the scope of Operation Euphrates Shield, which started in 2016, the M60 tanks were upgraded to the M60TM level by applying Euphrates modernization by ASELSAN.

During the modernization of the M60T tanks to the M60TM configuration, the following system integrations were performed on the tank:

  • Laser Warning System
  • Remote Command Weapon System
  • Telescopic Periscope System
  • Position and Orientation Detection System
  • Close Distance Surveillance System
  • Tank Driver Vision System
  • Protection Liner
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Auxiliary Current System
  • PULAT Active Protection System

However, there was no update to the Knight III fire control system developed by Elbit Systems on the M60T tanks. Considering the "M60 Fire Control System" published by Aselsan, it is evaluated that ASELSAN's AKS will be integrated into the M60TM tanks.

ASELSAN M60 Fire Control System

M60 Fire Control System, in order to give the M60 Tanks the highest level of firing capability in combat conditions; Its simplified system architecture enables effective day and night vision, high First Shot Hit Chance (IAVI), and fire control functions in stationary or mobile challenging combat, terrain and weather conditions.

While the M60A1 tanks were upgraded to the M60T level in their first modernization project, the hydraulic tower power units were replaced with electrical power units. It is possible that the electric gun and turret power unit, whose brochure was published by ASELSAN, cannot be used in M60TM tanks. However, ASELSAN and ROKETSAN currently has a modernization project for 40 Leopard 2A4 tanks contracted. Since Leopard 2A4 tanks use hydraulic turret power unit, ETKTS developed by ASELSAN is likely to be used in Leopard 2A4 tanks.

The Electric Gun-Tower Recovery System, developed by ASELSAN, is a system that will provide the gun and turret movements of the Main Battle Tanks. This system is responsible for applying the side (for turret movement) and ascent (for ball movement) torque commands generated by the Fire Control System.

Source: defenceturk

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