Applications Continue! Erdogan Made a Statement After Cabinet Meeting

applications continue erdogan made an explanation after the cabinet meeting
applications continue erdogan made an explanation after the cabinet meeting

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference after the Council of Ministers Meeting.

To take one of the most advanced countries of the world in Turkey democracy and the economy, Erdogan reminded that they left behind 18 years down the road they came out, he said this process they have established step by step, the infrastructure needed to achieve these goals with the reforms they have implemented in all areas.

President Erdoğan said that they are waging this struggle from health to education, from justice to security, from transportation to energy, from industry to trade, from sports to social support.

All those made in the history of the Republic five, her folding works and services in Turkey, Erdogan said that they brought to the place it is today, "To those who of course is important, but the potential and power of Turkey is available to many more. Our goals also require this. " he spoke.

President Erdogan, the last 7-8 years, never disappearing in front of Turkey's political, social, economic trap of highlighting the importance of Turkey's largest and strongest show over and over again, he said:

"It was behind the attack as sinister intentions of one also once again Turkey is turning into its own and it is clear that the power to transform into a country which waste her time. We immediately noticed this game. Impositions 'thank you' to Turkey in 2023, we acted decisively to keep flying by. We disabled the actors used in this scenario, one by one, from terrorist organizations to some international organizations. While strengthening the unity and solidarity of our nation, we also took steps to secure our borders. they intensified their efforts to reform the siege of Turkey to its knees so that they can not see diplomacy and economics to beat the odds by accelerating our agenda. "

Erdogan, the work they are conducting is already in compliance with the nation's demands and expectations, it will transform the democratic and economic victory with a comprehensive package of reforms, noting that they have developed programs, "they can build their 2053 vision on our young people great and powerful Turkey determined to bequeath to. In this context, we are coming to our nation with new reform programs recently. " said.


Reminding that they announced the Human Rights Action Plan, which includes the reform agenda in the field of law, and shared the new reform program in the economy with the public, Erdogan noted that the aim of this program is to create a road map that will grow the economy on the basis of investment, production, employment and exports.

"As we always say, Turkey's fight against the production, we see at least as important struggle for independence and the future." Erdogan said:

“We have been striving to grow our country since 2002 on the basis of stability and trust. This is the reason why the attacks we have been subjected to in the recent period target the climate of stability and trust. To this end, we equipped your reform program with steps that will strengthen stability and confidence in the economy as well as in every field. We support our macro policies in the economy with structural measures and transformations in order to strengthen the stability. In this context, we are implementing many new regulations on public finance, inflation, financial sector, current account deficit and employment. Within the scope of structural policies, we develop concrete policies that include our corporate structure, incentives for investments, facilitation of domestic trade, and competition policies. Turkey secretion, however, accelerating new global, political, and determined to remove the place it deserves in the economic order. "


Expressing that they have prepared reform programs in a way that will facilitate and accelerate the achievement of this goal, Erdogan underlined that each reform program is created in the light of the views of all parties, from the public to the private sector, from civil society to the social segments.

Erdogan stated that they are open to all kinds of constructive criticism and contribution in the implementation process of these programs as well as in the preparatory phase and said, "We refer to the discretion of our nation if those who try to sabotage our reforms with blind enmity, just like any job for the good of our country. said.

Kovid-19 virus a full year now voicing As of March 10 to spread out to Turkey, Erdogan said:

“So far, this virus has cost the lives of 192 million 2 thousand people in 700 countries. In our country, unfortunately, 2 of our 900 million 29 thousand citizens who were detected with viruses succumbed to the disease. I once again pray to our brothers who died in the epidemic, mercy from Allah and patience to their families.

On behalf of my country and my nation, I would like to express my gratitude to all our healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of the virus by making a great sacrifice in this period. Turkey, of the health infrastructure and social security systems to combat the epidemic through the power has turned into a success story that the world admires. Even during the months when the epidemic peaked, our health system continued to serve our citizens. Thankfully, none of the dire scenes where people are turned away from hospital doors, doctors have to choose patients, and elderly people die of indifference in nursing homes have never happened in our country.


Stating that they mobilized all the means of the state in the face of the epidemic, which is described as the biggest health disaster of the last century, President Erdoğan said that they implemented the decisions taken in the light of the Scientific Committee's evaluations in the fastest and most effective way by using the advantages of the Presidential Government System.

Erdogan, during the outbreak of the difficulties in many countries, none of the shortcomings and weaknesses in the supply chain security, highlighting not witnessed in Turkey, he said:

“The epidemic showed the importance of the huge investments we make in health, as well as the crisis management capacity of the Presidential Government System. The city hospitals we have brought to our country have played a critical role, especially during the epidemic period. Today, everyone who puts their hands on their conscience is deserving of these investments. Our citizens, who somehow fell into city hospitals, said, "Fortunately, these services have been made despite the opposition." says. During the epidemic period, we further strengthened the infrastructure of our country with the additional steps we took in every field from health to education, from economy to social assistance. In this process, our laboratories capable of diagnosing Kovid-19 increased from 73 to 6, more than 461 times in number.

We have implemented the fillation and isolation tracking system, the "Hayat Eve Sığar" application, which we call HES in short. We transformed some of our higher education dormitories into quarantine centers. Within this framework, we served 122 thousand people in our dormitories. "

Pandemic period, while developed countries aşamamışk even the mask nuisance, Turkey's domestic generating breathing apparatus, Erdogan stated that exported these devices to 20 countries next meet their own needs, speeding up the projects under construction İstanbul Başakşehir, Konya and reminded that they get the services of Tekirdag City Hospital.

Stating that they have made a new era in this field with two emergency hospitals with 1008 beds on both sides of Istanbul in a short time, Erdoğan stated that they have completed the construction of a total of 16-bed healthcare facilities and offered them to the service of citizens only during the epidemic period.


Erdogan said, “We are among the first countries in the world to introduce vaccines. As of today, the number of vaccines made has reached 11 million 500 thousand. We are 5th in the world in vaccination rankings. We will continue to supply vaccines from abroad until our domestic vaccine is ready. " he spoke.

Noting that continuing education gains a special importance during the days when people are closed to home for weeks, Erdogan reminded that they started distance education as of March 23, 2020 with the EBA TV broadcast, where they quickly completed their preparations.

Stating that 12 hours of broadcasting has been made on this system, in which more than a thousand teachers take part in content production, Erdoğan said, “We have started the face-to-face training gradually as of February 500, 15. At our last cabinet meeting, we considerably expanded the scope of face-to-face training. We provided all mobile phone subscribers in our country with free access to EBA up to 2021 gigabytes per month. Also, in this period, we postponed some installments of the education and contribution loans for 8 months. " said.

Stating that the total amount of the resources directly transferred to citizens through the Social Protection Shield Program exceeded 56 billion lira, Erdoğan stated that they expanded the scope of the short-work allowance and facilitated its conditions during the epidemic period.

Erdogan said, “During this period, we paid 3,7 billion lira to our 30 million employees for short-time work. We finish this application, which we have extended gradually according to the course of the epidemic, at the end of March. We paid close to 2,5 billion lira in cash wage support to our 10 million employees whose conditions are not enough to receive short-time work allowance and are on unpaid leave. We paid 1 billion lira to 5,5 million people within the scope of unemployment allowance. With the support of normalization, we have provided the opportunity for premium offsetting of more than TL 3,6 billion. " he spoke.


Reminding that they increased the 2-month compensatory work period to 4 months in order to ensure continuity in employment, Erdogan said, “The amount of incentives and support we have provided since the beginning of the epidemic has reached 80 billion lira. On the other hand, we postponed the premium debt of 1,3 million workplaces for a total of 40 billion TL for 6 months. The payments we have covered under general health insurance for Kovid-19 test, treatment and care services have exceeded 7,8 billion lira. With our epidemic social support program, we have delivered 6,5 billion lira in cash aid from one thousand lira to 6,5 million households. " said.

Erdogan, they collect We help more than 2 billion pounds of Turkey about the National Solidarity Campaign Enough us and we noted that they presented to aid needy households.

Reminding that they shared the Economic Stability Shield Package, which they prepared to reduce the effects of the epidemic, with the public on March 18, 2020, Erdoğan said that they constantly updated the scope of this package over time according to the needs and new situations.

Expressing that they stand by all groups adversely affected by the epidemic with many different support programs, from debt delays to restructuring, loans and incentives to gratuitous grants, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“We made a monthly support payment of one thousand lira to our designated tradesmen and craftsmen, especially those subject to simple taxation. We pay 3 lira in big cities and 750 lira in other cities for 500 months to our tradesmen whose workplaces are rented. In this context, a total of 140 billion 2 million liras continues to be paid to more than 80 thousand tradesmen and craftsmen whose applications have been accepted. Approximately 975 thousand of the applications made for the income loss support, the amount of which we have determined as thousand lira, were approved. The evaluation of applications for loss of turnover support continues. We have provided the opportunity to postpone VAT and premium payments for 24 months since 2020 March 6, when the force majeure was announced. More than 2 million taxpayers have benefited from this opportunity. Again in this period, we reduced the VAT rate from 18 percent to 8 percent in some sectors and from 8 percent to 1 percent in some sectors to support trade. "

Stating that 985 thousand tradesmen and craftsmen used a total of 42,6 billion lira of interest-backed loans last year, President Erdoğan said, “TESKOMB provided the opportunity to restructure those who delayed the payment of their debts to credit and surety cooperatives due to the epidemic. Our 30 thousand tradesmen and craftsmen benefited from this opportunity. We created an Unfair Price Evaluation Board to combat exorbitant pricing and stockism. As a result of the inspections carried out within this framework, a total administrative fines of 32 million Turkish lira have been imposed so far. " he spoke.

Stating that they have not allowed the slightest disruption in the food security and supply of the nation since the first day of the epidemic, Erdoğan said, “We have provided financial support to our farmers by highlighting the support payments. During this period, we paid 9,3 billion lira to support livestock and 12,6 billion lira to support crop production to our farmers. The amount of agricultural support payment we will make to our producers this year is 24 billion TL. We relieved our producers during the epidemic period by postponing loan debts for 6 months, restructuring ORKÖY loans and selling barley with 90 days maturity to breeders and growers. said.

Expressing that they postponed the lease payments for aquaculture, recreation areas, national parks and nature parks during the epidemic period, Erdogan stated that they delivered a total of 75 thousand 6 tons of seed fields to farmers waiting for sowing, 100 percent of which were grant.

Erdogan said that 2 beneficiaries, arising from agricultural land and 46B sales, have delayed their payments for April, May and June for 500 months, without applying interest or seeking an application requirement.

Stating that 18 thousand farmers using the agricultural lands belonging to the Treasury also postponed their April, May and June payments for 3 months and without interest, Erdogan stated that they transferred 35,8 million lira to private theaters in culture and arts and 89 million lira to the cinema sector within the scope of the fight against the epidemic.


Stating that they provided a total of 30 million lira to 770 thousand 4 applicants in the music sector, including 1000 lira per month for 123 months, Erdogan said, "We have become one of the countries that experienced the least contraction in tourism compared to the world average and competitor countries with 2020 million visitors in 16." said.

Expressing that they prevented the spread of the epidemic in prisons by giving Kovid-19 permission to some convicts, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“We focused on the attendance of convicts and detainees to the hearings via the video system. We directed the production in the work dormitories to areas of need such as cologne, disinfectant, mask, gloves and overalls. It is important to monitor its implementation as well as to take action. For this, we mobilized our local administration organization. We established Vefa Social Support Groups to help our citizens aged 65 and over who are restricted from going out on the streets, living alone or who do not have any relatives. Approximately 145 thousand people, including public personnel, non-governmental volunteers and our youth, worked in these groups. In this context, more than 65 million requests from our citizens over the age of 9 were fulfilled. Our teams visited more than 3 million households and made our citizens feel that they are not alone in these difficult days. Approximately 31,5 million inspections were carried out for people subject to isolation. "

Erdogan, during the outbreak of the global economy came almost to a standstill stressed that they did not call to invest in Turkey.

Erdogan stated that they opened 463 kilometers of highway, 551 kilometers of divided road, 43 large and small bridges with a length of 352 kilometers, and 75,5 tunnels with a length of 45 kilometers, among them Ankara-Niğde Highway, Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Highway. He stated that important projects such as a section of the Northern Marmara Motorway were also involved.


Erdogan stated that while protecting the citizens within the borders, they do not neglect those living abroad, and that they have brought more than 142 thousand Turkish citizens from 100 countries to their families since the beginning of the epidemic.

Reminding that with evacuation flights, more than 67 foreigners from 5 countries have been able to return to their homes safely, Erdoğan said:

"We also helped 91 thousand people from 38 countries who want to return to their homes via Turkey. We have provided medical assistance and support to 157 countries and 12 international organizations requesting our country. In order to reduce the social and economic impacts of the virus, we transferred 63 million lira to 39 projects through our development agencies. We brought rent exemption to our entrepreneurs in Technology Development Zones and R&D centers. With these supports that are in summary nature, we aimed to ensure that every segment of our nation survived the epidemic period with the least damage. It is our foremost duty to be with every member of our nation. However, the main thing is to prepare for the post-epidemic by respecting the rules of cleaning, mask and distance, accelerating vaccination, keeping morale high. For this, we need to reduce the number of cases, seriously ill patients and deaths below a certain number. Otherwise, if we open everywhere in the country, this will not make sense, since our contact with the world will be cut off. "


Erdogan reminded that at the last Cabinet Meeting, they classified cities according to criteria such as case, hospital capacity and vaccination.

Stating that they also transparently explain what normalization steps will be taken in each classroom, Erdoğan said:

“While we shared the new normalization measures with you, we also said that our cities will decide what class they will be in in the future, depending on their compliance with the measures. Our Ministry of Health closely follows the course of the epidemic in our provinces. In today's Cabinet Meeting, we focused on the developments over the past two weeks. We consider it a pleasing development that despite the relative increase in cases seen in some provinces, the limited reflection of this increase in the number of hospitalizations, intensive care units and intubations is also a pleasing development. In addition, as vaccination becomes widespread, we see that the fight against the epidemic becomes more effective. We will follow the process closely by carrying out the inspections more strictly especially regarding the compliance with the measures. Considering all the data, at our meeting today, we decided to continue the current practice in our cities for a while and to follow the developments. I think that our nation, with the first excitement of the new normalization, could not pay enough attention to obeying the rules. Hopefully, from now on, we will be more conscious and careful, and we will all overcome this issue together.

I ask our citizens to reduce the risk on their health and to support our struggle to save their cities and our country from this calamity by strictly obeying the precautions. I would like to remind once again that if we do not comply with the measures, restraints and prohibitions are inevitable. "

On the other hand Erdogan, Turkey's telling the combat Kovid-19 outbreak of the Century "Global Outbreak Turkey's Koronavirüsl Successful Struggle" book stating that the Presidential Communication Presidency of carefully prepared, adding that he believes will be benefiting from the book.

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