EGO Metro Book Station Opened in Ankara

Ankara metro book station opened
Ankara metro book station opened

EGO General Directorate introduced the mini library model “EGO Metro Book Station” with the people of Başkent in order to increase the habit of reading books. Citizens will be able to get free books by registering with their TR ID and phone number at the station, which is made from the train model, in the Kızılay Metro Station.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate opened the "EGO Metro Book Station" in order to encourage citizens to read books and to ensure that they spend productive time during their metro travels.

The "EGO Metro Book Station", the first of which was established at Kızılay Metro Station, will be open between 08.00-17.00 for the week.


All citizens will be able to get free books by registering with their TR ID and phone number from the mini library located at the Kızılay Metro Station.

Citizens who complete the one-month reading period will be able to apply for a new book by returning the book they have received.


Citizens also showed great interest to the opening of the Metro Book Station, which was attended by EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Serdar Yeşilyurt and Metro Support Services Branch Manager Zeliha Kaya.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they were happy to implement the mini library model that will facilitate access to the book with the slogan "Take, Read, Let Go".

“Unfortunately, the rate of reading books in our country is very low. When starting this project, our goal was to encourage our citizens to read. At least it was to offer the opportunity to read books on metro travels. We wanted to provide an environment that our citizens could reach immediately, as if they were taking them from their home library. We chose Kızılay Metro Station as the location, which has the most intense human activity and is located in a central location. In this location, there is also the ANKARAY transition area, which is the first light rail system line going underground. Used as a book station, this wagon is a model of the Bombardier train built for the Ankara Festival in 2010. We organized this model as a library. With this project, a free and easily accessible small library service will be offered to the people of Ankara. In this way, the publications of our Metropolitan Municipality will be delivered to our citizens more easily. "

Emphasizing that citizens who wish to donate books to the Metro Book Station, Alkaş invited everyone from 7 to 70 to read.


Following the opening of the EGO Metro Book Station, the people of Başkent, who examined the books, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the new service:

-Harm Area: “I found this application very useful. I also love to read books and cannot buy every book. In this way, I will be able to easily access all kinds of books from here. "

-Jasmine Avera: “I am Syrian and I am studying at Ankara University. It made me very happy to make books accessible in the city center like Kızılay. It is very nice to find a library in the metro. It will be very useful for those who love to read and it will be a habit of reading. kazanit will go.”

Star Grooms: “I was very happy to see this library here. It was a good opportunity for students, especially for book lovers. I will tell my children and friends when I get home. The fact that the library is in the form of the metro is also interesting and meaningful. I congratulate and thank our President, Mansur Yavaş, for this good practice. "

-Ilhami Şimşek: “I am thinking of bringing the books from my house here as well. It has been a great service to instill people to read books. "

-Ahmet İlmen: “I really like this station library. It has been a very useful application for people to access free books. "

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