5 Points to Consider When Selling Your Smartphone

Do not be your personal data while selling your phone
Do not be your personal data while selling your phone

New features added to smartphones cause consumers to demand a higher model every day. Phone prices are affected by the increase in exchange rates. Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, points out that consumers are directed towards buying and selling second-hand phones, and lists 5 points that users should pay attention to before putting their phones for sale.

With the day-to-day development of technology, new features added to smartphones cause consumers to demand a higher model instead of the smart devices they are currently using, while also affecting smartphone prices. Due to the increase in phone prices under the influence of new technological features and increasing exchange rates, consumers prefer to sell their old devices second-hand to buy newer and more technological devices. Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, stated that in an age where personal data becomes a phenomenon that can be sold, bought and profited from it, users should be more aware of privacy and data breaches, and users who do not want to experience data breaches should be careful before selling their phones. It gives 5 important tips.

Backup your phone

Backing up all of their data before selling the phone makes it easier to transfer users' data to the new device. Iphone users can come to iCloud from the settings section of their phone and click the storage and backup option and transfer their data to the cloud system with the backup process, while Android users can use a USB cable to transfer their data to the computer or use backup applications designed for Android devices.

Deactivate your accounts

The next step after all data is backed up is to disable the accounts on your phone. The new owner of the mobile device sold this way does not have any problems activating the phone with their personal information. Stating that this step is very important for a used iPhone, Serap Günal reminds that users who plan to sell or trade an iPhone with iOS 12 or higher should make sure that the activation lock on the iPhone is turned off. iPhone users need to save their devices to both iCloud and iTunes after backing up their data. Users who successfully enroll the device in iCloud and iTunes need to delete all the contents of the phone afterwards. Android users, on the other hand, can solve the process by clicking the remove account option under Google account before resetting the phone.

Encrypt data before deleting

In order for data to be inaccessible without the encryption key, it must be securely encrypted before deleting data on mobile devices. iPhone data is by default, and Android data can be manually encrypted. Users can do this by tapping the encryption device option under the settings - security heading. Access to data is denied after encrypting the device.

Remove SIM or SD cards from your device

Removing SIM and SD cards used to store personal information such as numbers, email addresses, photos and names on phones is one of the simple but important steps to avoid sharing your personal data. Users need to remove the SIM card from the slot before selling their phones.

Factory reset your phone

One of the easiest ways to securely delete all data on phones is to factory reset. For iPhone, it is enough to find the general option under the settings and follow the steps to reset and then delete all content, and on Android devices, it is enough to reset the phone by selecting the settings and privacy feature.

However, Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, states that it is not possible for companies to do this kind of reset on thousands of mobile devices, underlining that managers should receive professional service on this issue.

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