Who is the Tufekci Yusuf Usta whose life was put into a book

Who is the tufekci Yusuf Master, whose life is written in the book
Who is the tufekci Yusuf Master, whose life is written in the book

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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality GAZİKÜLTÜR A.Ş. by Mehmet Fatih Bozkurt, the book Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta was published.

The life of Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta, who became an important name in history with the patriotism he showed in Antep Defense during the period of national struggle, is the life of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality GAZİKÜLTÜR A.Ş. It was published as a book by. The author of this work, which will shed light on history, was Mehmet Fatih Bozkurt. In the book consisting of 5 chapters and 254 pages, the Ancestors of Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta, His Childhood and Youth, the Days in the Çanakkale Front, the Defense of Gaziantep and the Few Documents and Evaluation of Rifleman Yusuf Usta and his Special Life after the Battle of Antep include titles. With this study, which is the first book written on its subject, it is aimed to complete the missing information about Tufekci Yusuf Usta, who served in the maintenance and repair of weapons behind the front in Antep Defense, which is an important front of both the Gallipoli War and the War of Independence.

Book Gaziantep Zeugma Museum, Dec. 25, at the Panorama Museum and Archaeological Museum shops, bookstores throughout Turkey in an exclusive, Inc.'s website magazagaziantep.co Gazikült is engaged in the sale and the book will be sold at selected websites.


GAZİKÜLTÜR A.Ş. General Manager Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Yakar underlined that many important figures emerged from the heart of Gaziantep from history until today and said, “These important figures have also become influential people known throughout the country. On the one hand the forefront of the struggle for independence in this field in place of the eminent personalities have worked for the development of Gaziantep in Turkey and on the other side. One of the important figures is Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta, who is a lover of Gaziantep ”.


Noting that Gaziantep was struggling against the French and Armenian forces equipped with the latest technology of its age with the limited means it had, Yakar said, “As a result of the complete siege of the city, it produced its ammunition itself when it came to a situation where it could not get any help from outside. The soldiers who fought from the Tripoli War until the end of the First World War had a serious accumulation of experience. Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta has such a background. He used his knowledge about weapon maintenance and repair in Çanakkale at the İmalat-ı Harbiye Factory, which was established for the production of ammunition in Antep Defense. "Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta, who has an important position in the operation of the factory along with other masters, is a valuable personality for Gaziantep due to his contributions to defense."

GAZİKÜLTÜR A.Ş. Chairman Hakan Tanrıöver the proposal in line challenge brought study, Turkey's economy past and present, who contributed greatly and exports in Turkey 6th largest cities have feature for many years reveals that hands have Gaziantep's current state of due to the large accumulation in the past Order .


Tüfekçi Yusuf Usta was born in 1893 in Antep's Alaybey Mahallesi Sadıkoğlu Street. His father is Abdullah Ağa, and his mother is Nur Fatma Hanım, who is known as Nur Fatma Hoca around her mother. Yusuf Usta worked as a cloth weaving beside his father Abdullah Ağa in his youth. He continued his profession for a while, but he mastered this field by switching to gunsmithing, which is his real talent and will make his name known. He started his military service on June 6, 1915, when he was taken under arms in the call for mobilization for the Çanakkale front. He served at the front for three years. Due to his predisposition to gunsmithing, he worked at Bigalı Esliha Repair Shop and later at Zeytinburnu Mavzer and Weapon Factory. He first worked at the Zeytinburnu Mavzer and Weapons Factory as an under-hand and later was promoted to mastership, and he was given a certificate that he was skilled in weapon repair. Yusuf Usta gained a serious knowledge of weapon and ammunition manufacturing, maintenance and repair at the factory.

Yusuf Usta returned to his hometown of Antep after a long journey towards the end of 1918. The joy of reuniting with his hometown ended when he learned about the occupation of the British. Antep is under the pressure of occupation. After the British left their place to the French, the resistance started. Yusuf Usta is one of the most important figures of the resistance. He made important contributions to defense thanks to his technical knowledge on weapon repair. It became the backbone of İmalat-ı Harbiye, which opened at a time when serious problems were experienced due to insufficient ammunition. He made British rifles usable with Turkish ammunition and strengthened the resistance. The reason why Yusuf Usta is known as "Tüfekçi" is because he "modified the British Lewis submachine gun according to the Turkish bullet and succeeded". This submachine gun was named "Yildirim Yusuf". Rifleman Yusuf Usta, who actively served both in the front and behind the front in the Antep Defense, was awarded the Medal of Independence. He passed away on January 21, 1971.

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