Ways to Keep Skin Young

Ways to keep the skin young
Ways to keep the skin young

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Elif Seda Keskin gave important information about the subject. Our skin basically ages in direct proportion to the speed of the cellular cycle. However, you can preserve the youthfulness of your skin by slowing down aging in some ways. Causes and solutions of facial sagging, wrinkles, signs of aging.

Some show it when they are 40 when they are only 30, others are much older than they are 40. Does our appearance consist only of genetic inheritance, or do lifestyle and living conditions play a role in conjunction with external factors? Here are the answers;

"Causes and solutions of facial sagging, wrinkles, signs of aging"

Results and solutions of bone loss in facial bones with age;

Like the columns of buildings, it has bones on its face that keep it standing and prevent it from sagging. In particular, the cheekbones, jawline and temple areas are the columns of the face. The wear or loss in the bone in these areas causes the face to sag down slowly. The skin of the face starts to slip just like a landslide from the bottom melting ground. Dams called ligaments in the nasolabial region, the chin mustache area and the jaw line prevent this sliding. For this reason, the sagging skin is collected in these areas in the form of folds. Surgical methods are required to open the areas that cannot be repaired with fillings after a certain period of time.

However, it is easier and more practical to take precautions without bringing the business to this level. One of the applications that delays aging is to fill the emptied volumes in a manner suitable for the anatomy, never exaggerating, only by restoring. When the entire face is evaluated, abrasions in the main bone columns may begin with age. This volume loss can sometimes be seen with weight gain. In early interventions, very natural and successful results can be obtained by replacing only the lost volume with interventions on the cheekbones, temple area or jaw line. The purpose of filling applications is not to inflate the face, but to reinforce the empty volume and bring the face to the old support columns, thus preventing the skin from sagging downward. As a result of the filling application, a more V-shaped face shape is obtained by filling the cheekbones, temples and jaw lines, while at the same time, lifting the face is provided to lighten the chin mustache and nasolabial grooves. Thus, the sagging process is slowed down due to the volume loss of the face.

Consequences and solutions of collagen loss;

At the end of the 20s and the beginning of the 30s, collagen breakages begin in our skin. At the same time, the regeneration of collagen decreases or stops. As this loss continues, loss of elasticity occurs. With the loss of elasticity, the quality of the skin on the face deteriorates. The skin starts to sag. The skin that loosens down from the chin edge primarily gathers in the nasolabial grooves and chinese mustache and causes folds in the face, creating signs of aging. It is possible to replace this collagen loss, which is seen in almost everyone, when necessary. Collagen vaccines, which are applied directly to the skin at regular intervals, replace the existing losses over time. At the same time, it maintains vitality and vigor by giving lifting effect and moisture to the face. It also treats the skin, which has a problem of poring and staining over time, with early supplements.

Skin fatigue, staining increase and solutions as a result of sun exposure over time;

Of course, the amount of sun exposure increases with age. While the sun causes many beneficial physical production in our body, it also causes harmful effects by affecting our pigment synthesis with UV rays that reach us due to the drying of the skin and the punctures in the ozone layer. In time, spotting and color unevenness occur on the skin. This reduces the quality of the skin when viewed from the outside. It is possible to prevent fine wrinkles and color fluctuations on the face caused by sun exposure with some mesotherapy applications. With the right mixtures, fine wrinkles are prevented while moisturizing the skin, and at the same time, a vivid and monochromatic skin can be obtained by preventing the difference in pigmentation with various vitamin and mineral applications.

Results and solutions of hyaluronic acid and water loss in the skin;

With the onset of water loss in the skin, dryness appears as the first symptom. Mimic movements made on a dry basis become settled wrinkles over time. With the progress of this process, even when the person does not make mimics, these fine wrinkles are evident especially around the mouth. This gives the person an aged appearance.In order to prevent such fine wrinkles, it is necessary to start pure hyaluronic acid supplements as soon as the moisture loss of the skin is felt at the beginning of the 30s. With the personalized moisture vaccines or youth vaccines, the required moisture is restored to the skin.

Forehead wrinkles, angry lines, causes of crow's feet and ways to prevent them;

Almost everyone has gestures as their emotional response. Our facial expressions are generally in the form of laughing with crow's feet, getting angry by frowning, and being surprised by wrinkling our forehead. The facial expressions that we use actively when we are young do not harm us. However, as we age, even though we do not make facial expressions, our angry lines, crow's feet and lines on the forehead become permanent. This causes an expression of angry or tiredness even when not making a gesture. All wrinkles that occur are also considered as an indicator of old age when viewed from the front.

However, this wrinkle can be prevented with botox applications, which is a very practical method, before it occurs. Botox applications are not only very successful in preventing wrinkles, but also cause minimal tension in the temple area and forehead, bringing up the face and providing a very fresh and youthful appearance.

All of the above-mentioned practices are actually quite practical and only possible with 3-minute interventions that the person will devote to himself every 6 or 15 months. Moreover, as a result of these short-term interventions, the aging process can be delayed considerably. As can be understood, looking young is not only genetic inheritance. If you take short periods of time to your skin and yourself, you can have a much more fresh, attractive and lively face and high skin quality even in old age.

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