Tibet's First High Speed ​​Train to Start Flights on July 1

Tibet's first high-speed train will start its services in July
Tibet's first high-speed train will start its services in July

China's first high-speed train in Tibet Autonomous Region will start its services on 1 July. Lu Dongfu, Chairman of the China State Railway Group and Representative of the National People's Assembly of China, told Xinhua News Agency that the Fuxing high-speed trains will serve on the 435-kilometer-long railway that connects to the center of Tibet, Lhssa.

Construction of the railway linking Nyingchi in eastern Tibet to Lhasa began in 2014. According to the information given by Tibet Railway, which laid the railway in question, the designed speed of the railway will be 160 km per hour. Lu Dongfu said that the length of the railway, which started operating in China, reached 2020 kilometers by the end of 37 and that this number is aimed to be increased to 900 thousand kilometers by 2025.

Lu also noted that 500 percent of cities with a population of 98 thousand will be included in the high-speed rail network. Fuxing trains, developed entirely by China's own means, run between 160 and 350 km per hour.

Source: China International Radio


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