Those Who Disobeying the Rules at Level Crossings pose a Danger

Those who do not obey the rules at level crossings are dangerous
Photo: Mersin Messenger

Pedestrian or vehicle drivers who try to cross the level crossings in Tarsus, which is under the responsibility of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Rail Systems Branch Directorate, pose a great danger, especially when the barriers are closed.

Within the scope of pandemic restrictions, passenger trains did not operate for one year and then restarted trips recently, causing densities in level crossings.

In addition to the daily 52 passenger voyages between Adana and Mersin, 30 freight trains pass on the line and safe passage at the level crossings on Fahrettinpaşa, Kavaklı, 100. Yıl, Anıt, Mithatpaşa and Gazipaşa Boulevard in Tarsus. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Directorate of Rail Systems is provided by the teams of the Branch Directorate.

Despite all the warnings of the teams, some pedestrians, motorcyclists or cyclists trying to cross by ignoring the barriers that are closed before the train arrives, and even vehicle drivers who use the points that do not close due to the lack of barriers in the opposite direction, endanger both their own life safety and the safety of others.

With the operation of passenger trains, warnings were made that the crossing should not be made when the barriers that are frequently lowered at the level crossings are closed, while the citizens were asked to take into account the warnings of the staff as well as the warning and illuminated signs. (Mersinhaber)

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