Transportation of Domestic Waste by Train Project was Explained to Municipalities

The project of transporting household waste by train was explained to the municipalities
The project of transporting household waste by train was explained to the municipalities

📩 30/03/2021 16:44

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Yıldırım informed the district municipalities about the project of transporting domestic wastes to the Uzunburun Solid Waste Disposal and Regular Storage Facility, which is one of the environmentalist and largest projects of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, by train.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues its environmentalist investments at full speed. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out investments and studies for a green and healthy future, continues to dispose of wild wastes in Uzunburun Solid Waste Disposal and Regular Storage Facility, which it has implemented in the past years. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which provides the removal of solid wastes from the districts and their disposal at the facility located in the center, is preparing to implement the project prepared for the transportation of solid wastes by train instead of road. Aiming to minimize carbon emissions in the disposal of wastes, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality informed the district municipalities about the project of "Transportation of household wastes by train", which has been successfully tested in the past weeks. Ertuğrul Yıldırım, chaired by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General, Ertuğrul Yıldırım, informed the authorities of the district municipalities about the project at the information meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Council Hall.

"We created 3 logistics areas"

Informing about the project, Ertuğrul Yıldırım stated that the process has come to an end regarding the garbage revision in 17 districts and said, “After April 10, we will give you a route, we will bring all the garbage of 17 districts to our Uzunburun Facility in July and dispose of it. This year, we are now completely eliminating these problems, ”he said. Expressing that he wanted to give information about the work carried out by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the process, Yıldırım said, “Environment is more important than many things for all of us. We believe that clean air, clean water, clean nature and clean streets do not bring any benefits. We started this process fast. In 5 years, we ended Manisa's projects related to waste. We have a new environmental project. Two weeks ago, we successfully carried out the first transportation of our garbage transportation project by train in our country, which is covered with iron nets. All our vehicles and equipment are coming on April 10th. We created 3 logistics areas. We established an operation area, the first of which is in the Killik region of Alaşehir, the second in the Süleymanlı region of Akhisar district, and the third in Muradiye. On this route, we will transport the wastes of Soma and Kırkağaç districts in our Süleymanlı operation region, and the waste of Köprübaşı and Gördes districts at Gördes transfer station, and we will transport an average of 400 tons of waste, including the waste of Akhisar and Gölmarmara, from our Süleymanlı operation region from the Akhisar transfer station located in the middle of Akhisar and Gölmarmara. We will transport them in 22 containers. We have been planning these since 2017. We made our protocols with the State Railways and made field agreements. We assumed a minimum life span for this process as 29 years. A transport using approximately 3 million kilometers less road per year. Another feature of this transportation is that our Süleymanlı line is carried by fully electric train. Our Alaşehir-Killik line will be transported by coal train for now. With the completion of high-speed train work in 3 years, fully electric locomotives will be used in that line. This means that we will do transportation with less carbon emissions. Then we have the Killik operation area. The wastes of Demirci, who came to Demirci Municipality from here, and the garbage of Kula Municipality at Selendi transfer station will come here and be transported from here. The garbage of Alaşehir and Sarıgöl districts will come to the Sarıgöl transfer station, from here it will come to the Killik operation area, and two of our lines from Killik will come to our place in Muradiye, approximately 4,5 kilometers below our Uzunburun Facility. We will provide services with 4 trucks from there, and we will dispose of these wastes, one line day and one line at night. The wastes of Salihli, Turgutlu, Ahmetli, Şehzadeler, Yunusemre and Saruhanlı districts will be transported by road since there is no applicability in train transportation. We can plan to transport the waste of Salihli district by train in the next 2 years, ”he said.

"Wild storage areas will be closed"

Stating that it is aimed to close the wild garbage storage areas due to the damage to the environment, Ertuğrul Yıldırım said, “We are preparing a new plan. We will close the Alaşehir, Soma and Salihli dump sites quickly. We will use the Akhisar dump temporarily for a period of 2-3 months. Then it will close. We have to be radical here. Our project approvals for 74 wild storage areas have ended. We will rehabilitate 9 sites. These are serious environmental investments. We have to do these. If we do not do these, our annual average of 2,4 million square meters of land gets dirty. There are wild storages in every district. "We, 6 large wild storage areas are established on an average of 105 to 125 thousand square meters of land."

"Good news to Salihli of getting rid of wild storage"

Saying that he has surprises for Salihli district, Yıldırım said, “We will save you from your garbage dump. It was one of the worst dumps. Stuck in the center of the city, it was a place where the incredible scent came from. Projects of Princes, Yunusemre and Salihli districts have been completed. The money of the transfer stations also came out from Iller Bank. 3 districts are big, with an average of 600-650 tons of garbage. We did two separate projects and the ministry had these projects revised. Their projects are also tendered by Iller Bank. We plan to transport Salihli's waste until July, ”he said.

"Presentation about the project"

Following the speech and information made, a presentation was made about the project "Transportation of domestic waste by train" and information was given to the district municipal authorities.

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