Turkey's first indigenous Active Harmonic Filter Power Quality Last dynamix with the problem

turkiyenin first and only local active harmonic filter dynamix
turkiyenin first and only local active harmonic filter dynamix

technology innovator in the electronics industry Elektra Elektronik, Turkey's first and only locally active harmonic filter puts an end to power quality issues with dynamix

One of the most important problems of businesses and production facilities is energy quality problems. Especially power electronics based systems such as frequency converters, motor drives, rectifiers, power supplies and energy saving lighting systems draw a dirty current from the electricity grid. In addition to network frequency components, the current drawn includes general harmonic components that mean electrical pollution. Active harmonic filters, which are an effective solution for cleaning harmonics that cause malfunctioning of sensitive devices in facilities, also put an end to work losses and production inefficiencies caused by energy quality. Stating that if the appropriate filter is not selected, all electrical devices used in the facility will be at risk, Elektra Elektronik R&D Manager Tutku Büyükdeğirmenci emphasized that this situation may also affect other enterprises fed by the common distribution transformer and cause frequent malfunctions. Büyükdeğirmenc of Elektra Elektronik produced by Turkey's first and only native plants showing active harmonic filter with superior filtering performance of dynamix series that drew attention to protect its corrosive effects of harmonics.

Harmonic solutions, which are systems used in cleaning harmonics, which means electrical pollution; Automotive and iron and steel industry with very high harmonic current levels, textile industry, wastewater treatment facilities, ports with high concentrations of cranes, electromagnets and similar systems, logistics facilities, maritime sector, marine and other heavy industry facilities. is being used. Harmonic currents indirectly cause high harmonic voltages, causing frequent malfunctions of all electrical and electronic systems connected to the electricity grid in the facility and commercial losses. At this point, active harmonic filters, which are the most advanced harmonic solutions today, offer effective solutions to energy quality problems in enterprises.

Failure to select suitable filters can bring facilities to a standstill.

Highlighting that there are many factors to be considered during the selection of active harmonic filters, Elektra Elektronik R&D Manager Tutku Büyükdeğirmenci pointed out that the installed power of the facility to be installed and the power of the distribution transformer should be determined first and continued her words as follows; “Standards have different harmonic limitations for facilities with different installed power and distribution transformer characteristics. First of all, the target harmonic distortion level determined by the standards of the facility must be determined. In addition, it is of great importance to determine the characteristics of the loads that need to be filtered at the facility and, if possible, to take measurements from these loads. Another important factor is to determine the connection types of the loads to be applied and to install an active harmonic filter accordingly. For example, in an application that requires a three-phase four-conductor active filter, the desired filtering performance cannot be achieved in case of a three-phase three-conductor installation, even harmonic frequencies flowing from the neutral line cannot be filtered. In summary, if a suitable filter is not selected for the project and the area of ​​use, problems such as not filtering the target harmonic frequencies may be encountered and the desired filtering performance cannot be achieved. In this case, the facilities cannot be fully protected against harmonics. As a result of malfunctions caused by harmonics, the life of the machines used can shorten, causing critical problems and the facilities can come to a standstill. "

Technology that protects facilities from harmonics with superior filtering performance

Elektra Electronics by improved Turkey's first and only domestic production of active harmonic filters dynamix series, indicating that the induced job losses from power quality and put an end to production inefficiencies Büyükdeğirmenc the "Inverter-based infrastructure thanks needed harmonic frequency and amplitude harmonic current, harmonic source in the opposite It ensures the elimination of harmonic currents on the network side by generating in phase. Active harmonic filters are not affected by the level of load current compared to passive harmonic filters and can filter at all frequencies from the 1st to the 51st harmonic at the same time. Passive filters are only able to filter at a single harmonic frequency for which they are tuned, and their harmonic damping performance varies depending on the load level. For this reason, in demanding applications where harmonic currents must be eliminated precisely and completely, DynamiX series active harmonic filters provide superior filtering performance, protecting the facilities from harmonics and the distorting effects of these harmonics. " found in the description.

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