Mayor Aktaş: System Change Should Be Considered In Transportation

System change should be considered in the transfer of the president
System change should be considered in the transfer of the president

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the traffic issue, which the whole world is trying to talk about and produce solutions, cannot be solved only by building roads, widening or parking. President Aktaş said, "We should think of the event as a system rather than just a physical transformation."

Mayor Aktaş, who evaluated the traffic and transportation problem, which is the most important agenda item of the city, at the March meeting of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council, explained the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that there has been an extraordinary process in public transportation for the last year due to the pandemic, Mayor Aktaş reminded that there are days when the public transportation figures dropped to 11 percent. Stating that it was a great escape from public transportation due to the pandemic, Mayor Aktaş said, “We are happy that the rate has reached 70 percent for a few days. Turkey in every four people in a vehicle falls, falls into one of three people in Bursa. We should know that Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir also talk about traffic. Bursa is already talking about traffic. We cannot fight traffic by only building roads, expanding them, parking lots. There must be rules and everyone must follow them. We have different studies on the subject. There is tunnel work in progress in the Acemler. The tender of the Courthouse Junction will be made in a short time. The completion tender for T4 related to rail systems was held. There are studies regarding the completion of the 3-kilometer line at the Emek-City Hospital. "We are working on alternative ways in order not to create a burden on the works."

System change

Stating that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality uses most of its resources for transportation and traffic, Mayor Aktaş said, “While we are making investments, all parties should put their will and stand behind them. Novices are always talked about, but Novices are the result of this work. Novices become a lock point due to missing areas, incomplete roads and troublesome intersections before they come to the novices. Many parameters such as the growth of the city and industry and new living spaces affect this business. 3 million 2 thousand of the 200 million population live in the center. This density is gradually increasing. In this sense, we should distribute the city in a healthy way. The 100 thousand plan is discussed with different boards. He will also come to the Parliament. In fact, we haven't exceeded the forecast population for the plan in 98. But we did the fiction wrong. There are issues that fall on us, the relevant boards and citizens about the traffic that the whole world struggles with. South Korea has more population, more distressed traffic. However, if there is only one person in the car, it can go from the far right, if there are two people from the second lane, if there are three people from the third lane. He abides by the rule. "We should think of the event as a system rather than just a physical transformation," he said.

Container problem in the countryside

Mayor Aktaş, who made an assessment regarding the containers made especially in rural areas for agricultural purposes but used out of purpose, drew attention to the fact that issues related to immorality and safety can also be experienced in such places. Stating that farmers are also victimized by not being able to do their jobs comfortably due to such settlements, Mayor Aktaş said, “Those who use these types of areas professionally and for agricultural purposes and do not harm the environment visually are our heads. We care about agriculture. Agricultural exports of Bursa increased in 2020. We must take more important steps in agriculture. Unfortunately, many of these areas are being converted into living spaces. The makeshift places are being built. That's why we lost 5 citizens in the flood in Kestel last year. Each of us has responsibilities. We must find an urgent solution. This should be the standard of the job. While we are struggling with the present, we must show an attitude regarding the next process. "We must also stand behind him in order not to betray the city we live in."

Evaluating the proposal to build a museum or sculpture that explains the struggle in the corona process, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that a monument can be built on this subject, but it would be more appropriate to make a museum in order to set an example for future generations.

Citizens of the month

38-year-old Hazel Kara, who runs a marble workshop with her husband in Bursa's Iznik district, raising her children and assembling the products she prepared in a profession that is seen as men's work, and 30-year-old Sevda Yaruk, who has been a driver of the 6-ton concrete mixer for 34 years, have been selected as the 'citizen of the month'. . Kara and Yaruk received the plaque of citizens of the month from President Aktaş.

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