Solution from IMM to Traffic Density in Ispartakule

Solution from ibb to traffic density in ispartakule
Solution from ibb to traffic density in ispartakule

IMM continues to provide solutions to the chronic problems of the city, traffic density with rail systems and sea transportation as well as highway investments. In Ispartakule, a solution will be produced with viaducts, side and connection roads for the traffic in the region, which causes density due to the railway crossing. Thanks to the project, uninterrupted vehicle flow will be provided over the railway. The work will be completed by the end of 2021. As the existing ring road connection is closed due to construction, vehicles will use alternative routes throughout the study.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has added a new one to its highway projects to reduce the traffic density throughout the city. He started the construction of viaduct, side and connection roads in Ispartakule. Previously, vehicle flow in the region was interrupted by the TCDD Line, causing accumulations on the roads. With the study, it will be ensured that the traffic flow in the region is maintained uninterruptedly via the railway. Thus, there will be a great reduction in traffic density in the region. Viaduct, side and connection roads to Istanbul until the end of 2021 kazanwill be raised.


In this process, the existing ring road connection will be closed and vehicle circulation will be carried out on alternative routes. During the works, the return from Vali Recep Yazıcıoğlu Street to the ring road direction will remain closed. Vehicles using this route will direct in the direction of Ispartakule and join the ring road from there. Vehicles that will go from Hadımköy direction to the ring road will be directed to the new service road through Avni Akyol Boulevard and Doğa Parkı Street. The participation of vehicles in the ring road will be provided from this route. In addition, vehicles coming from Hadımköy direction will follow Vali Recep Yazıcıoğlu Street and join the ring road through alternative routes such as Ispartakule Boulevard and Bizimevler Road.

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