Sleeping Medicine Is Not The Right Solution To Combat Sleep Problems

Sleeping pills are not the right solution to combat sleep problems
Sleeping pills are not the right solution to combat sleep problems

Studies show that 35,7% of people worldwide have sleep problems. Sleep quality is more important than ever during the epidemic process. Because healthy sleep is among the main supporters of the immune system. According to a report published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 35,7% of people worldwide experience sleep problems, while nightmares and snoring are the most common sleep problems. Making an assessment on the subject, Maxillofacial Prosthesis Specialist Dr. Tuğrul Saygı said, “Nightmares, which are among psychological sleep problems, are an important problem experienced by many individuals who are mentally worn out during the epidemic process. Snoring can be the harbinger of different diseases. At this point, it should not be forgotten that the use of sleeping pills is a wrong method to save the day and has the potential to completely destroy sleep patterns in the long term ”.

Sleep quality and sleep duration are not the same

Pointing out that contrary to the common misconception, it is not necessary to sleep for long hours for a healthy sleep. Tuğrul Saygı also touched upon the factors affecting sleep quality: “Quality sleep also contributes to the quality of life by supporting mental and physical health. If the person cannot make himself feel rested and full of energy the next day, one should doubt the quality of sleep. Many habits such as irregular sleep schedule, factors such as noise, temperature, light in the sleep environment, caffeine and alcohol consumption negatively affect sleep quality. While this situation increases the risks such as stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure, it can also have psychological consequences such as nervousness, anxiety or depression caused by insomnia. Snoring is critical because it gives important messages about the sleep quality of the person. Although a little snoring is normal, excessive snoring can be a harbinger of problems with nose, throat and jaw shape or diseases such as sleep apnea.

Painless method in snoring treatment: Snoring Prosthesis

Mentioning that the most effective method used for snoring treatment today is snoring prostheses, Dr. Saygı explained the details of the prosthesis as follows: “The snoring prosthesis is used only during the treatment and during sleep. Just like boxer's mouthguards, it places the lower jaw in front by attaching it to the teeth, it opens the airway blocked by the sagging of the tongue and palate, preventing snoring and sleep apnea. The success rate in patients who use snoring prosthesis is 90-95%. As it positions the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep, it prevents snoring and sleep apnea even in patients with a small lower jaw. Since the snoring prosthesis is made in a personalized way, it can be used in other dental prostheses and in cases of edentulism. Thus, a painless and painless treatment becomes possible without the need for a surgical intervention. "

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