Sivas is Preparing for High Speed ​​Train

Sivas is getting ready for a high speed train
Sivas is getting ready for a high speed train

Sivas is getting ready for 'High Speed ​​Train' A workshop on "Fast Travel to the Future - High Speed ​​Train" was organized by the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A "Fast Travel to the Future-High Speed ​​Train" workshop was organized by the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project, which is shown as the biggest project in the history of the Republic in Sivas, has come to an end. While the voyages are planned to start in June, he continues to prepare himself for the High Speed ​​Train in Sivas.

 TSO President Eken: We No More Permit to Leave Sivas

Making the opening speech of the program, Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) President Mustafa Eken gave information about the workshop and thanked the participants and speakers for their contributions.

Stating that they believe that the high-speed train will start flights in June, President Eken said, “The high-speed train, which has been spoken to come to Sivas since 2008, was given the good news of its definite future to Sivas in June after our minister's statement. With the explanations and studies made, we all believe that this train will come to Sivas in 2021. As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we thought that such a workshop was necessary, especially after getting an opinion from our governor and mayor about what our stakeholders should do to be ready in Sivas in the service sector. We are no longer allowed to go from Sivas, we will try to bring the outsiders to Sivas. These works will continue without slowing down, ”he said.

Mayor Bilgin: It Will Accelerate Our Targeted Growth Even More

Sivas Mayor Bilgin stated that railway transportation and high-speed train systems are an important transportation alternative and investment area with their effects on the economic and social structure and said, “High speed train is also an integral element of the growth and development process. Factors such as the increase in trade volume in our country and our city, economic growth, development in the tourism sector, increasing urban population, globalization, transportation offer a fast and comfortable journey are enough and even more for us to understand the importance of high-speed trains. I believe that the high-speed train project will further accelerate the growth and development we aim at in terms of agriculture, tourism and industry in our city. " said.

Governor Ayhan: With the Arrival of High Speed ​​Train, Perceptual Distance Will Also End in Minds

Starting his speech by wishing the workshop to be beneficial, Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan stated that such workshops prepared the city mentally and said that fast sweat is the most important project in the history of the Republic.

Stating that the High Speed ​​Train is meaningful for Sivas, Governor Ayhan said, “Just like the meeting of Leyla and Mecnun, it will meet with high-speed train in Sivas in 2021. With the High Speed ​​Train, a certain tourism, social and economic interaction will occur in this region. The main impact on this business will be in the economy and tourism sector. It is very important for everyone to own this job and for the masters of this business to own this job and to transform the people who will benefit from this job. We have to work hard and prepare the city. You all witness that we are doing very intense studies and vision projects to increase the visibility of the superstructure. The municipality prepares the city square, the Castle Houses Project is exciting. Hamidiye Culture Park will be the center of attraction in Central Anatolia Region and Turkey will be one. In the Golden Castle, work continues in Emirhan Rocks, Kangal Dog Farm, our lakes, and archaeological sites. We will make lots of good introductions. We need to feed this city with the knowledge and experience that will come out of the workshop today. Therefore, we need to be able to do justice to those who have served this beauty and blessing from past to present. With the arrival of YHT in Sivas and the end of the distances, the perceptual distance will end in minds. 2021'n after the summer's natural tourism in Turkey in this city and I would say it would be a blast. " he spoke.

In the workshop; Dr. Cem Kınay, Ebru Baybara Demir, Fatih Türkmenoğlu attended in person and accompanied by their presentations, Prof. Dr. Muharrem Afşar, on the other hand, contributed to the workshop with his online connection and speeches in their fields. The workshop, which was held in two sessions, ended with table work.

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