R&D Project Competitions Organized by YEDAŞ Awarded

R&D project competitions organized by the nephew were awarded
R&D project competitions organized by the nephew were awarded

YEDAŞ continues to attract attention in the sector with its R&D Project competitions and its efforts to increase the quality of Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure efficiency.

The “Design and Pilot Implementation Project of Glass Fiber Reinforced Recycled Plastic Composite Travers and Consoles”, which won the YEDAŞ R&D competition, was submitted to EMRA in March 2021. In the travers / consoles made of iron or galvanized steel currently used, the energized line contacts the traverse and the pole body is energized due to the breakage of the insulator or the fall of the tight bond. With the energization of the main body of the pole, network failures, energy cuts, loss of life and property occur.

Low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) travers / consoles used in the existing distribution network are produced from composite material consisting of glass fiber reinforced and recycled plastic, making them lighter, insulating, resistant to fire and environmental conditions, more environmentally friendly, safe, easy to apply, long durable and low-cost products will be developed. In the project, in which composite sleepers will be produced for the first time in our country and will be implemented completely with domestic facilities, two different sleeper designs will be carried out, using existing insulators and not using insulators. In the design to be made without using an insulator; Conductors will be transported without the need for insulators with its high insulating property. In this way, a lighter, safer, lower cost, easy-to-install and easy-to-operate network design will be created, isolator-induced malfunctions will be prevented, and isolator costs will be eliminated.

Design with and without Insulator

Based on international specifications and standards, 12 low voltage (LV) and 10 medium voltage (MV) sleepers will be produced. The sleepers to be produced as a prototype will be analyzed in the field and it is planned to be widespread by evaluating them according to their technical specifications. Type projects will be prepared for LV-MV travers / consoles where insulators are not used, they will be submitted for the approval of TEDAŞ and a new network arrangement will be introduced to the sector. In addition, using recycled plastic waste in our project will provide a significant benefit for a zero waste strategy.

'We Are A Company That Has Converted Its R & D Studies To Innovation'

Connecting the secret of 'sustainable' success in competitive conditions to the importance given to R&D studies, YEDAŞ quickly integrates its 'Technological Investments' into its system. YEDAŞ General Manager Hasan Yasir Bora said, "By realizing our innovation-oriented projects, we realize our technological investments under the title of 'Innovation', we aim at the mission of sustainable, quality energy and uninterrupted service in all our works".

Presenting the awards to the winning project owners, General Manager Bora congratulated the R&D team and wished them continued success.

Günceleme: 23/03/2021 10:27

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