Public Transportation Network Expands in Diyarbakır

Public transportation network is expanding in diyarbakir
Public transportation network is expanding in diyarbakir

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, which has expanded its transportation network in public transportation within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan, will start to serve citizens with 4 vehicles as of March 4, with 15 new main lines and 83 supply lines.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, which revised the Transportation Master Plan to meet the needs of citizens in public transportation, started to open new lines considering the density of the routes. The Department of Transport will organize public transport every 1 minutes on the new route lines, which it has determined as the main line, A2, A3, A4 and A8. In order to reduce the density on the main lines, 4 supply lines will serve the citizens. A total of 83 public transport vehicles will carry passengers on the main and supply lines.

New mainline stops

Newly created main lines; A-1 Line is on the University-Dağkapı-Elazığ Boulevard-Gevran Caddesi-Office-Koşuyolu-Bayındırlık-Facilities- 16 Evler route with 500 vehicles. A-2 Line is on the University-Dağkapı-Double Gate-Anıt Park-Office-Koşuyolu-Public Works-Facilities-Diclekent Boulevard-Fırat Boulevard-Stadium route with 16 vehicles. A-3 Line is on the University - Dağkapı - Double Gate - Anıt Park - Office - Koşuyolu - Line Along - Police School - Emek Caddesi - Fırat Boulevard - Dicle Kent Boulevard - Mesopotamia Boulevard - Research Hospital by 18 vehicles. The A-4 Line will consist of 16 vehicles and the stops of the University- Dağkapı- Elazığ Boulevard- Üç Wells TOKİ- Research Hospital.

Feed line

In addition to the main lines, there are 4 feed lines at the following stops, Dicle University is a 5-minute voyage to the campus with 5 vehicles. In the disaster homes area, with 4 vehicles, 500 Evler - Disaster Houses - 500 Evler - Toki-Leyla Kasım Caddesi - Urfa Boulevard route every 8 minutes. Three kuyutoki regions with 4 vehicles Research - trips in 8 minutes on the Three Wells Toki route. The Research Hospital will arrange a trip in 4 minutes on the route of Research Hospital-MemursenToki- Southeast Building Cooperative-Finance Houses-Social Housing-D-Type Prison with 10 vehicles.

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