Pirelli's P Zero DHE Tires Produced in Izmit were Introduced

introduced p zero dhe tires produced in izmit
introduced p zero dhe tires produced in izmit

Pirelli's offer for GT3 racing last year, DH tires produced at Izmit in Turkey, now the equipment was produced in a limited number of Ferrari 488 GT models modificate. The front tires of the car for the track days were developed in the size 325 / 680-18 and the rear in the size 325 / 705-18.

P Zero DHE tires produced by Pirelli in Izmit were selected as the original equipment of the new Ferrari 488 GT Modificata. This limited edition car will only be used on track days and Ferrari Club Competizioni GT races.

Introduced last November, the 488 GT Modificata made its debut at the 'Final Mondiali Ferrari 4' event held at the Marco Simoncelli Misano World circuit in Italy on March 7-2020. P Zero DHE racing tires developed by Pirelli for GT3 cars, 325 / 680-18 at the front and 325 / 705-18 at the rear, became the equipment of the new Ferrari.

The limited edition Ferrari 488 GT Modificata appeals to customers competing with Ferrari in GT championships around the world. The Modificata perfectly captures the spirit of both the 488 GTE and 488 GT3 racing cars. With the 488 GT Modificata, it will be possible to participate in the 'Club Competizioni GT' races, which are increasingly prominent in Ferrari's track events.

The P Zero DHE, an evolved version of the previous DHD2, has been modified and designed to offer versatile use for various GT3 cars and different drivers. Offering higher consistency and reliability compared to its previous version, this tire guarantees optimal performance on different tracks and conditions.

The 19 Final Mondiali Ferrari race, which was postponed to March this year due to the Covid-2020 outbreak, represents a spectacular finale for Ferrari's GT season. The menu included the last rounds of the Ferrari Challenge, as well as the meetings of XX and F1 Clienti programs. The titles of Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell, one of the famous races sponsored by Ferrari and run with Pirelli tires, also found their owners during the World Finals.

Since the Ferrari Challenge was first held in 1993, Pirelli remains the only global tire supplier. The Ferrari Challenge provides the perfect outdoor laboratory for Pirelli, enabling the road tires of the future to be developed with lessons learned from the racetracks.

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