We Cannot Have Samsun Sarp Railway Project

samsun steep railway is indispensable
samsun steep railway is indispensable

Giresun City Council President Mürşit Gürel stated that Samsun Sarp railway project will make a great contribution to the region and said, “We will follow this project”.

Giresun City Council President Mürşit Gürel said that they will follow the Samsun-Sarp railway project and that the Black Sea Region will come to life with the realization of the project. Gürel said, “With the Samsun Sarp Railway Project, the trade will accelerate in the provinces in the Eastern Black Sea region. More tourists will come to these provinces. Apart from being a commercial center, this project is also very important in terms of cultural and social development. This network, which will be created especially by railway, will connect Samsun Sarp to each other. Both rail and high-speed rail transportation to the region have provided an important acceleration in the solution of economic problems, especially employment. kazanwill stand,” he said.

Said in a statement on the subject Gurel "This situation is more balanced in terms of urbanization all over Turkey, a more balanced distribution of investments, in terms of better quality of life opportunities and social justice will create a more balanced society. Samsun-Sarp Railway has a very high economic value for the Black Sea region. The most important reason for this is that investment opportunities are limited and thus employment opportunities are limited. The project will make a significant contribution to the solution of economic, social and environmental problems in our region, both in freight transportation and high-speed train passenger transportation.

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