Little-Known and Remaining Local Tastes

Lesser known and delicious tastes that remain on the palate
Lesser known and delicious tastes that remain on the palate

When it comes to gastronomy, food culture and local delicacies; In our country, which is among the richest and most appetizing cuisines in the world, each city has its own unique palate heritage. has searched for you the tastes of the Turkish cuisine, which is known all over the world, which are less known but traveled for miles just to eat on the spot.

Tahini Bream - Antalya

Piyaz is known as a flavor in Turkish cuisine, especially served with meatballs. But this dish takes on a different taste in Antalya. Tahini is also included in the market in Antalya, which we can also call the dried bean salad. Lemon, vinegar, red onion, according to desire; The taste of blarney with the addition of eggs and tomatoes is amazing.

Pepper Pickles With Milk - Kırklareli

One of the important flavors of the Balkan cuisine; Pickled peppers with milk is a favorite flavor consumed in Thrace during the winter months. Yellow-colored bell peppers, which are grown for pickling, are filled with cream and yoghurt. It is possible to find this delicious flavor in places that make local dishes in Kırklareli. This pickle, known as "soka" in the Balkans, in some regions of Edirne; Names such as katık, escaping, and hatça are also given. It is also found in restaurants called Bosnian cuisine.

Quince Kebab - Gaziantep

Turkey interested in gourmet tourism with the most flights to Gaziantep, the city where al, also known as the homeland of kebabs. Quince kebab is recommended for those who want to taste a different taste in the city. Lamb meat gets a different flavor when combined with quince. Lamb meats are cooked together with a plate of quince. So emerge; It has an aromatic and different taste.

Chicken in Salt - Hatay

Our city of Hatay, famous for its cuisine, is also home to wonderful flavors. There is a rich variety of sweet and savory dishes in Hatay. Chicken in salt is one of the lesser-known Hatay delicacies. The decomposed chickens are placed in a layer of kilograms of salt. It is cooked for hours in the deeply salty layer pasted with egg whites and a delicious taste emerges.

Göbete (Köbete) - Eskişehir

The traditional food of the Tatars is Göbeti; In provinces such as Eskişehir and Kırşehir, restaurants serving local dishes are served. To make the navel, first a leavened dough is prepared and a filling with minced meat and onion is added. It is covered with tray-sized dough and egg is spread. This pastry is definitely made during the Tepreş Festival, when Tatars celebrate the arrival of spring. There are also varieties of donuts that Tatars call 'kalakay' and 'cantık'. Of course, when you go to Eskişehir, you should definitely taste the first taste that comes to mind, raw pastry.

Yağlaş - Giresun

In the Black Sea region, the indispensable taste of breakfast is made different in Giresun. Corn flour and butter are roasted, but no cheese is added. The oil prepared with red pepper is poured on it. Another flavor unique to Giresun is Mendek Soup. This soup made from hemlock, a plant similar to nettle; dried beans, onions, rice and broth are also involved.

Rabisa - Balikesir

There is a simple pastry made of dough in Balıkesir Gömeç, where Bosnian and Albanian immigrants settled. This pastry called Rabisa; It is made from a dough prepared by adding egg, vinegar and baking soda. Rolled up with rolling pin, the dough is shrunk while wrapped and cut into small pieces and placed on a tray. After being cooked in the oven, it is served with garlic yogurt. This type of pastry, which Albanians also call 'samsa', is made in villages and towns where immigrants live in our country.

Sura - Izmir

Delicious meat dishes are also made in İzmir, which is known for its olive oil and herbs. Sura made of lamb rib is one of them. Spicy stuffed rice is stuffed with lamb ribs and cooked in a copper pot. The sauce is poured and put in the oven.

Also; Boyoz, which is unleavened dough, is a flavor that Izmirians absolutely eat for breakfast. Also, chickpea pie is often preferred. While Şevketibos is famous with olive oil; Delicious appetizers can be found easily in restaurants in Alaçatı and Foça. Boyoz and chickpea pastries are also sold in local patisseries.

Stuffed Sirdan - Adana

Adana cuisine is not just about kebab. It is possible to find different tastes in this city. One of the most interesting and indigenous dishes is the stuffed şırdan. Cleaned şırdan inside; It is filled with filling mixed with onion, rice and spices and cooked in water. There are restaurants in Adana that only make stuffed şırdan. The refreshing dessert of the hot summer months, bici bici, is also among the most popular tastes. This dessert made with starch and ice should definitely be tasted when you go to Adana.

Apricot Stew - Malatya

In Malatya, the homeland of apricots, there are many sweet and salty flavors made with this fruit. One of them is the 'apricot stew', which is loved by the locals. Roasted apricots are put into the stew you know. Apricots cooked with onion, meat and potato add a completely different aroma to the dish. Roasting with apricot is usually found in artisan restaurants and restaurants that cook local food. Another drink unique to Malatya is spicy buttermilk. Unlike regular buttermilk; This ayran, jasmine peppers are added and kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours. It is possible to find this ayran in tradesman restaurants.

Meftune - Diyarbakir

For Meftune, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes are cooked with lots of sumac. It is made in two ways, with or without meat. The local 'lebeni' soup is also very popular. This soup made with wheat, chickpeas and strained yogurt is drunk cold. Another local dessert in Diyarbakır, whose kadayıf is very delicious, is Sur dessert. Made with semolina halva and goat's milk, this dessert is indispensable for the winter months.

Tamtak Tiridi - Ankara

'Tamtak tiridi', a dish that Ankara residents are addicted to, has a great taste with the aroma of minced meat and fenugreek. On the fried pitas; It is roasted with fenugreek and minced meat mixture is poured. Belonging to the capital; Another dish is the uruş closure. In this meal, which is generally made at weddings; The lamb, onion and tomato paste are placed in the pot, the pot is covered upside down on the fire and cooked.

Kaygana - Trabzon

Almost everyone knows the delicacies such as fish, meatballs, pita, and Kuymak. For those looking for a different flavor of Trabzon, it is usually recommended to the slippery. Flour and milk are mixed and eggs and greens are added. Chard is often preferred. This mortar is cooked in a pan. In many of the restaurants in the city, it is served as an appetizer before the meal. Pepeçura is a little known type of dessert unique to Trabzon. Peanuts are added to this dessert made with corn flour and black grape juice.

Okra Soup - Konya

Another city that stands out with its cuisine, Konya; It is famous for its flavors such as bread with meat, tirit and Mevlana sugar. However, there is another little-known dish of Konya that is not satisfied with its taste: okra soup. The difference from classical okra: okra is very small and it is made more juicy like soup.

Bag of Gold - Kayseri

A sweet pouch of gold, as flashy as its name. Kayseri; We should not think of it as a land of ravioli, pastrami and sausage. This city has its own unique tastes. The golden pouch, which appeals to the eyes as well as the palate, has a privileged place compared to other desserts. For this dessert, first pudding is prepared, then a mortar with cocoa is prepared and cooked in a pan like pancakes. The middle of this cooled dough is filled with pudding and shrunk like a golden pouch, and the ends are tied and served in a stylish way. You can also taste many other less-known delicacies in Kayseri, such as Saray pilaf, fat ravioli, stuffed vine leaves with quince tahini, pöç kebab.

Keledoş - Van

Keledos; It is a special dish made in many provinces of our Eastern Anatolian region such as Van, Bitlis and Ağrı. It is a little difficult to make, so it is usually made on special occasions. Lamb meat that has not yet reached its age is roasted. It is cooked with chickpeas, green lentils, wheat, onions and spices. This mix is ​​again kazanIt is also combined with meat and cooked. This dish, which has an 1800-year-old tradition, is registered by the Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Flaky Cevizli Noodle - Bolu

Our Bolu region, where the most famous cooks are trained, as well as meat dishes; A place where many different flavors can be tasted. But if a special meal specific to this place is preferred, cevizli noodles stand out. First, noodles are cooked in water. Kes cheese, butter and walnuts are added to a pan and roasted. This sauce is placed on half of the cooked noodles and the remaining noodles are added and mixed.

Fried Rice - Erzurum

This dish made in the cities of Erzurum and Erzincan is delicious as well as; It is known to be a healing food. The herbs are boiled first. It is added to the butter, which is heated in a pan. These roasted herbs are cooked by adding string cheese and scrambled eggs. Hasuta dessert made of çiriş and mulberry molasses, another herb dish belonging to Erzurum, is also among the famous flavors of Erzurum cuisine.

Batırık - Mersin

Batırık is another local flavor similar to the shorter but more juicy. Made in Mersin, the Mediterranean region and other cities, this dish adds a different flavor to tahini and pomegranate syrup added to it. Bulgur, tomato paste, cumin onion is mixed and made like barren.

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