Kartepe Cable Car Project Launch Meeting Was Held

Kartepe cable car project launch meeting was held
Kartepe cable car project launch meeting was held

The ropeway project to be built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in Kartepe was introduced today. Turkey's first cable car line local and national attention due to the introduction of the project Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank and Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Büyükakın. Drawing attention to the importance of the project, Varank said; "Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey for the first time" to Projesan Industry Cooperation "was included and a 50-year dream to perform with local and national resources. I would like to thank those who contributed, especially Tahir Büyükakın ”.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized major investments that will breathe in Kocaeli's transportation network, has completed its works for the realization of a project that the city has long dreamed of. In this context, the Kartepe Ropeway Project, which will be the center of attention of many citizens from both the province and outside of Kocaeli, and will make transportation to Kartepe more attractive, was announced to the public at a ceremony held at the Kocaeli Congress Center.


In addition to the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, AK Party Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, MHP Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Aydın Ünlü, district mayors, industrialists, NGO representatives and citizens attended.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. In Tahir Büyükakın's speech; “Today is a big day for us. We are excited and very happy. The joys grow when they are shared. I used to hear it when I was a kid. It was spoken about the cable car line to be established between Derbent and Kuzu Yayla. The city would be on the agenda of the public. Oh I wish it was called, folks would sigh. These were unattainable dreams back then. No industry, no technology, no tourism. Forty patches on the nation's knee. Turkey polls so to speak, was the country's absence. Thank God, those years are far behind with the AK Party. We are running at great speed in science, industry and technology. With the strength we get from our state, we are in Kocaeli to make dreams come true; We do not say night, we do not say daytime. Our people should not envy anything, whatever they wish to have in Kocaeli. "We work to do it all, we run after our dreams."


Stating that many projects have been implemented for Kocaeli, Mayor Büyükakın said; “The tram was a dream. Thank God we did. It is constantly growing with new lines. Subway was a dream. Thank God it's progressing rapidly. We unite Istanbul and Kocaeli underground. The SEKA land was once desolate, desolate, abandoned to its fate. Now, as Turkey's largest city park adds value to life. It was a dream to pedestrianize the Izmit Walkway, to free it from traffic. We have completed our project, We are starting it soon. Our Hünkar Meadow project is also ready; With the permission of Allah, we will cheer it up as well. You sculpt they sculpt; We will continue to make dreams come true. It's easy to say, a half-century-old dream. We say 'Ya Allah Bismillah' today to make our 50-year dream come true. We are starting the cable car line that Kartepe has been dreaming of for years. Our plans and projects are ready. We worked everything with great care, to the finest detail. The length of the line will be 5 km. We will connect Derbent and Kuzuyayla from the air. The line with 2 stations will operate with 10 cabins, each with a capacity of 73 people. It will be able to carry 1.500 passengers per hour. The journey will take 14 minutes. We will witness enormous beauties from a height of 1.421 meters. Modern ski slopes. Travel and walking paths, social facilities. Everything will be perfect here, ”he said.


Stating that the project will be carried out with national and local means, President Büyükakın said; “We will complete the ropeway line in a short period of 2 years with Kocaeli Metropolitan's own resources. Line, technology, cabins and all systems; Developed by our Ministry of Industry and Technology; The Industrial Cooperation Project will be undertaken by our local companies with the SİP model. This is another joy for us. As Kocaeli Metropolitan; We realize the dreams of our people and support the economy. Hopefully, our cable car line will be produced by the companies of these lands. And for a much more affordable cost. These will be delivered. The ropeway line will make an important contribution to the city's economy. I hope it will add value to the brand value of our Kocaeli. Our Kartepe Cable Car Line; "Good luck already," he said.


Noting that Turkey's production of one of his contributions to the country's pride in Kocaeli province Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank In the speech; “I am very happy to be together with you on the occasion of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kartepe Cable Car Project introduction meeting. I express it every time I come here, Kocaeli is almost our second address. This beautiful city, one of Turkey provinces of our country with pride for his contribution to production. I meet you almost every two months for a new program. Today we are introducing a service model will be an example to Turkey Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Our city is a 50-year dream Kartepe Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is the Line cable car, it will be fully carried out under a first Industry Cooperation Project in Turkey with its own resources. In other words, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will use the Kartepe Cable Car Line Project for the development of the domestic industry ”.


first time in Turkey Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Industrial Cooperation Minister stating that Varank included in the project; “We continue on our way with a local and national understanding that we have created with the Vision of National Technology Initiative under the leadership of our President. From a domestic and national perspective to health; From agriculture to energy, it should be owned in every field. Kartepe Cable Car Line will also be one of our most important Industry Cooperation Projects. As you all know, the cable car line is Kocaeli's 50-year dream. This project could not be implemented due to both limited possibilities and some technical problems. But thanks to our Tahir mayor, he said that I will build this cable car with the resources of our municipality. In order to pave the way for the domestic industry, it decided to make the project tender within the scope of the Industry Cooperation Program. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we carry out the technical studies required for the tender together with our municipality. With this tender to be held within the scope of the Industrial Cooperation Project, an industrialization model will be created in which the domestic facilities and capabilities will be used to the maximum in the production of the ropeway line ”.

Minister Varank continued his words as follows: “Among the vehicles, systems, subsystems and components that make up the ropeway system, those that can be designed, developed and produced domestically will be determined by our Ministry. It will be ensured that value-added and qualified activities are carried out by our local companies. I hope we aim to make the cable car tender in April at the latest. The line that will provide access to Kuzuyayla Nature Park with its rich vegetation and Sapanca Lake view will be 4,7 km long. Our cable car, which will have 2 stations and a carrying capacity of 1500 people per hour, will consist of cabins that can carry 10 people at the same time. It will provide a unique experience to our citizens, local and foreign tourists. Kocaeli will have a dream of 50 years and our domestic industry will have a very important experience. Turkey was the first time in this project, including the municipal Industry Cooperation Project. I hope this will set an example for all municipalities ”.


The cable car line between Derbent and Kuzuyayla will be 4 meters long. There will be 695 cabins for 2 people in the ropeway project, which will include 10 stations. The elevation distance on the cable car line with a capacity of 73 people per hour will be 1500 meters. Accordingly, the starting elevation will be 90 meters and the arrival level will be 331 meters. The distance between the two stations will be overcome in 1421 minutes.

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