Avalanche Drill Was Held in Ladik Akdağ Ski Center

Jig practice was carried out in ladik akdag ski center
Jig practice was carried out in ladik akdag ski center

After the Ministry of Interior declared 2021 as the "Disaster Education Year", institutions that played an important role in search and rescue in Samsun conducted an avalanche drill at the Ladik Akdağ Ski Center.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, which wanted the teams in the institutions responsible for search and rescue activities against natural events to be on alert with drills, declared 2021 as the "Disaster Education Year". In this context, AFAD Samsun Provincial Directorate gave Mountain Search and Rescue (DAK) training to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams. During the 2-day training, the factors of avalanche formation, its types, protection methods, passing through the avalanche track, probing, the tools used in the disaster, the things to be done during the disaster, the precautions to be taken, the search and rescue methods for those who were under avalanche were taught.

After the training, "Avalanche Search and Rescue Exercise" was held in Ladik Akdağ. After the theoretical training, the rescue teams carried out a drill at the 2000 altitude touristic Akdağ Ski Center. In the exercise, which was attended by 11 personnel from AFAD, 30 from the fire brigade and 5 from the ski center, various objects were placed in two different regions, representing the people who were under avalanche according to the scenario. Taking action with the knowledge that two people were under avalanche on the Akdağ crossing path, the teams quickly reached the area where the disaster occurred and started search and rescue efforts.

During the exercise, which lasted for 5 hours, where inter-institutional coordination was reinforced, the teams found the objects first physically and then by using probing technique accompanied by transmitters and receivers, and took them out of avalanche. The exercise ended with showing in which direction people should flee at the time of avalanche.

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