İzmir Fire Department Rescued 5 Thousand Animals

Izmir fire department saved a thousand animals
Izmir fire department saved a thousand animals

The teams of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, who intervened in numerous incidents as well as fires, accidents, suicide cases, were also mobilized for dear friends. The teams saved 2020 animals in 4. The fire brigade, which saved 615 animals, especially cats and dogs, in the first 2 months of this year, has helped 435 animals in the last 14 months.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams extend a friendly hand to the animals that cannot get out of the place where they are stuck, fall into a pit or water and are stuck. According to the report of the Izmir Fire Department, 2020 thousand 4 animals were rescued in 615.

435 rescues in the last two months

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams participated in many animal rescue activities in the first two months of 2021. The teams mobilized for creatures such as 141 cats, 39 dogs and 39 bird species in January. February was also active for the teams. Firefighters participated in 153 cat rescue efforts in a month and rescued 20 dogs and 43 bird species.

Those who fear animals also called

Fire Department teams helped not only animals, but also citizens who fear animals from time to time. The teams came to the aid of the citizens who stated that they had rats in their homes and that they were afraid, and some of Izmir residents who were asked for help because they had bats in their houses and could not remove the animal came to the rescue.

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