The Increasing Demand in Used Vehicles Helped the Expertise Market

Increasing demand for used vehicles served the expertise market
Increasing demand for used vehicles served the expertise market

Used car prices have experienced the most volatile period of recent years during the pandemic process. As the number of citizens who do not want to use public transportation due to the pandemic increased and the production of new vehicles almost came to a standstill, the demand for second-hand cars increased. Last year, 11 million units of used car sales in Turkey were carried out. Those who want to own a second-hand automobile first made their way to auto expertise before buying their vehicles. While the demand increase during the pandemic period increased the business volume of auto expertise, the number of players entering the sector continued to increase.

During the pandemic, the demand for second-hand vehicles increased with the cessation of production by many automotive manufacturers and the shortage of stock in new vehicles. In 2020, more than 2 million second-hand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold, 11 million of which were online. The interest in second-hand cars and the mandatory auto expertise report in commercial sales with the regulation that entered into force as of September 1, 2020, positively affected the auto expertise sector. The number of businesses serving the auto inspection center in Turkey lies above 4 thousand, of which only 1000 of attention have service qualification certificate issued by the TSA TÜV SÜD E-Expert CEO Emre Büyükkalf to consumer auto expert report, while strong corporate firms prefer Suggesting them to do so, he said;


“The money we will pay when buying a second hand vehicle is now higher. For this reason, it is necessary to leave the expertise service to the institutions that are competent and experienced in expertise. We frequently encounter damages hidden in vehicle sales in our branches. For example, we had a client who shaped all of his retirement plans around buying a car. In our expertise on the vehicle, it was revealed that the vehicle had suffered flood damage in the past. Thanks to our determination, the buyer was prevented from facing high repair costs after the sale and his victimization was prevented. "

Those who do not do their job right will be eliminated

Emphasizing that corporate companies will enter into an elimination process in the auto expertise sector, where serious problems have been experienced in reaching certain standards until today, Emre Büyükkalfa said, "I think that in the days when we will see the positive effect of the regulation in the sector, corporate companies that do their job correctly will continue to grow by strengthening."

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