In How Many Provinces Have Mutated Viruses Seen? Did Mutant Viruses Increase the Spread Rate?

In few provinces, mutated viruses were seen. Did the mutant viruses increase their spreading rate?
In few provinces, mutated viruses were seen. Did the mutant viruses increase their spreading rate?

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the Scientific Committee meeting. It is not really possible to describe the damage caused by the global epidemic in all areas. We have left behind a year that forced people to cut their contact with people and to give a break to all human values. The course of the disease in our country made itself felt in the form of waves in which the virus was rapidly transmitted to a large number of people and controlled with precautions, as in the whole world. As we took the epidemic under control, we were moving more with the longing of the old days, and when the disease started to hurt, the days passed by holding on to the necessary precautions. For this reason, why do we not go back to the past in some periods, and in some periods why we do not shut up more, voices have increased. Unfortunately, this has no scientific experience and only one truth.

In particular, our cabinet, ministries, scientists, where the epidemic was handled with all its aspects, together we tried to do whatever was the most correct move for our citizens. This exhausted us all. Our Scientific Committee has gathered once again today and evaluated current developments.

Despite all the measures we have taken before the epidemic and in the process of combating the epidemic, the spread is following a rapid course in our country as well as in the world. Mutant viruses have increased the rate of spread. Although this increase does not affect hospitalizations in parallel, many cases unfortunately have the potential of many patients. Although the fast-spreading mutants are relatively mild, they reach the bodies we need to protect faster because they are contaminated a lot.

In our country, mutated coronavirus cases are caught with strict follow-up. Despite all the measures taken, unfortunately, mutant viruses are increasing day by day in our country as well as all over the world. We subject those who are found to be infected with the mutant virus to stricter isolation rules. Until today, a total of 76 B.41.488 (England) mutants in 1.1.7 provinces, 9 B.61 (South Africa) mutants in 1.351 provinces, 1 B.2 (California-NewYork) mutants in 1.427 province and 1 P.1 (Brazil) ) mutant has been detected. We still have no weapons other than precaution and vaccination against these fast-transmitting variants. This certainly does not mean that our weapons are insufficient. However, both have difficulties. There is a global supply difficulty for the vaccine, and the fatigue of a year for the measure. I believe we will all overcome this hand in hand.

As of March 1, we have entered a period of controlled and gradual normalization, which we call 'right decision'. Not only the Ministry of Health, but also all of its elements, our state and our people are fighting the epidemic together. Recent week data indicate that we need to be more sensitive about the prudent life across the country.

As a nation, we need not messages full of hope or anxiety, but understanding the problem in its entirety and continuing our social life by taking the right steps. Until the virus is out of our lives, we have to learn to live by fighting it. If we fail to immobilize the virus in our social mobility, we will have to pay heavier costs. We should not give the virus an opportunity to spread.

The controlled normalization process offers our people the opportunity to both regain the dynamism of life they long for and an active struggle that will not leave room for the virus in this dynamism. We must bear in mind that what is at stake for us is not the virus itself, but our behavior that deliberately or negligently causes the virus to spread. Otherwise, we cannot prevent the virus from dominating our lives by turning our weaknesses into opportunities.

Our state takes all the measures required to combat the epidemic and mobilizes all its means. Since the very beginning, we have been following a strategy of struggle that addresses the medical, economic and social effects of the global epidemic together. We decide the steps to be taken based on the truth revealed by science.

Regarding our vaccine supply and application performance, we are competing with countries whose vaccine production capacity has entered early, despite all the barriers of global conditions. We have already performed over 10 million vaccinations. In parallel with the supply of vaccines, this performance will continue to increase even if it slows down for some periods.

The only thing we need to leave the difficult days behind is to embrace all the requirements of the struggle together as a nation with a superior sense of responsibility.

Remember! Red is the closest color to blue, as long as there is faith, perseverance and determination.

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