TCDD Information from Transportation Officer-Sen President Çalışkan to Kurtulmuş

If the transport officer you get rid of the general head of the employee, tcdd notification
If the transport officer you get rid of the general head of the employee, tcdd notification

AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş visited the Memur-Sen Confederation. During the visit, the expectations and demands of public officials were conveyed to him.

Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Çalışkan also conveyed to AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş'a about the issues that may be a problem for the employees during the Restructuring process in the Railways, and the restructuring, the job security of the railwaymen and the safety of the railwaymen. kazanHe stated that it should be planned in a way that will not compromise on its already established rights. Chairman Çalışkan also said, “Officers and workers have been devotedly working side by side at TCDD for 164 years. This form of employment should be continued without deterioration,” he said.

At the meeting held in the Memur-Sen Confederation, Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın and AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş, as well as the heads of the unions affiliated to the Memur-Sen Confederation were also present.

Yalçın, who gave information to AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş about the stress experienced by public officials and the issues they want to be resolved, stated that the Human Rights Action Plan and the Economic Reform Package were presented to the public recently and continued his words as follows: “Both are very important texts but It has some deficiencies in terms of public officials. In these texts, we were expecting wills and targets for public officials, union grounds and public personnel legislation, ”he said.

Rugged; Let's Construct the Reform Package Including Financial, Social and Personal Rights for Civil Servants Together with Consensus as a Result of Collective Agreement

Yalcin words continued as follows: "Last week action in many fields available in the shared Economic Reforms Package made public on Friday, but the one about a quarter of Turkey's directly related to structural and demand justify the expectations of public officials must be seen as essential for the legal transformation and response to reasonable response There is no provision in the nature of the reform package. Failure to include a fiction that takes into consideration the demand for a raise that meets the expectation regarding income tax and sets a near-term target on issues such as additional indicator additional payment, will result in the economic reform package being incomplete, if not wrong. We propose to create the reform package for financial, social and personal rights of public officials with consensus and partnership as a result of the 6th Period Collective Agreement. The power of Turkey, as well as the size of our economy and we believe this deficiency is enough to ensure the rights and increase its deserved share of public officials. "

Saved; Public officials are the apple of the eye of our country

In his speech the spouse, Officer-Sen expressed that Turkey's largest non-governmental organization, "was important to get the frame transmitted on public officials. This effort must continue. "Your effort is valuable for a smooth public administration," he said.

Kurtulmuş said, “We are grateful to Memur-Sen President Ali Yalçın for conveying his presentations and expectations. Public officials are the apple of the eye of our country, and the expectations, troubles and demands of public officials are also very important. It is very valuable for Memur-Sen to keep these demands on the agenda and to strive for a solution. “I would like to thank the Memur-Sen family once again, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to this valuable consultation”.

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