HÜRJET Began to Be Created, Which Will Make Its First Flight in 2022

Hurjet started to be created, which will also make its first flight.
Hurjet started to be created, which will also make its first flight.

The Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET, which will perform its first flight in 2022, started to be created.

Speaking at the "DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES DAYS 2021" event organized by ITU Defense Technologies Club (SAVTEK), Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) System Engineering Manager Yasin KAYGUSUZ announced that HÜRJET has passed the Critical Design Review (CDR) stage and started to be created. In the previous day's event, Abdurrahman Şeref Can, Head of the Aircraft Department of the SSB, stated that the structural parts of HÜRJET had begun to be produced.

(TUSAŞ) System Engineering Manager Yasin KAYGUSUZ stated in his presentation that the jet trainer HÜRJET will be the "light attack" version of the HÜRJET-C. Kaygusuz added that the first metal cutting process and code writing were carried out within the scope of the HÜRJET project.

In January 2021, TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil stated that in 2021, it could be seen in HÜRJET with its body engine installed. In his speech, Temel Kotil touched upon the HÜRJET and National Combat Aircraft projects,

In HÜRJET, this year, there is another project that can be seen with the body engine attached, and besides all these valuable projects, which constitutes the survival of our country: Our National Combat Aircraft project. gradually replaced by the F-16 in the TAF project, Turkey will in the world, the US, Russia and China after the 5th generation will be one of the countries with the infrastructure and technology that can produce a combat aircraft. Turkey 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft project MMI, remotely closely with the defense industry that creates excitement for anyone interested in is the enormous opportunities that hosts Turkey's largest defense industry project. Our country will rise to a different position and level with the National Combat Aircraft. " had made statements.

"HÜRJET will fly in 2022"

It is planned to train future fighter pilots with HÜRJET, which is expected to be put into service to replace the T-38 aircraft used as the Tekamul Training Aircraft. TConducted by USAŞ HÜRJET After the Preliminary Design Review in the CDR The Critical Design Review phase has been successfully completed. The first flight of HÜRJET is planned to take place in 2022, after the completion of the prototype production and ground tests.

HÜRJET Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft

HÜRJET will be designed to operate at a maximum speed of Mach 1.2 and a maximum altitude of 45,000 ft, and will house the latest technology mission and flight systems. HÜRJET's Light Attack Aircraft model with a payload capacity of 2721 kg will be armed to be used in missions such as light attack, close air support, border security, and fight against terrorism in the armed forces of friendly and allied countries together with our country.

In the conceptual design phase of the project, which is still ongoing, single engine and double engine alternatives will be evaluated in the light of the market analysis, and the number of engines will be decided and conceptual design studies will be carried out accordingly. System solutions will be created by contacting suppliers regarding long-term systems.

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