How to Control Appetite in Weight Problem?

How to control appetite in weight problems
How to control appetite in weight problems

Obesity Surgery Specialist Assoc. İbrahim Sakçak gave important information on the subject. Botox, which is generally known for its rejuvenating effect, has recently begun to make a name for itself as a slimming method. Stomach Botox, which first became widespread in Europe and America, is now in demand in our country.

Stating that stomach botox is applied endoscopically, Assoc. İbrahim Sakçak “Today, 35% of the society suffers from obesity problem. The search for the treatment of obesity, which is called the disease of the age, continues continuously. Interventional treatment methods of obesity, which accelerated with Gastric Banding in the previous years, showed continuous variety and development in the following years with methods such as Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Stomach), Stomach By Pass and Gastric Balloon application. In this context, a method that has become more popular in recent years is stomach botox. Stomach botox is applied to 15-20 different points on the inner surface of the stomach at a rate varying between 500 and 1000 units. Botox application, which breaks new ground in obesity treatment, takes place in as little as 20 minutes and hospitalization is not required. Botox application is easier and less risky than surgical methods. It can be performed by leaving 3-4 hours without being away from work and power. It is known that stomach botox, whose effect starts 3-4 days later, provides a decrease in appetite and an increase in the feeling of satiety for 4-6 months. When stomach botox application is required, it can be repeated 3-4 times at intervals if desired. It leaves no traces. " he spoke.

Stating that stomach botox has almost no side effects and complications compared to the surgical methods applied for obesity and overweight, Sakçak said, “Endoscopic gastric botox application; It usually happens without any problem. There is no known serious complication of stomach botox application. Because there is no cutting or any surgical procedure in the stomach. Stomach botox can be applied to people who are at least 18 and up to 70 years old who do not have a health problem that prevents endoscopy. Stomach botox begins to take effect 3-4 days after application. Its effect is noticed by reducing appetite and providing a feeling of satiety for a long time. The effect peaks at the end of a month and disappears after 4-6 months. With stomach botox, although it varies depending on factors such as height, weight, age and dietary compliance of the person, 8-20 kg can be lost at the end of the process. used the expressions.

Developing his long years of endoscopy experience with stomach botox, which is an effective application for overweight, Assoc. İbrahim Sakçak '' effective weight loss can be achieved with a one-time application. People who have had stomach botox: are regularly followed up with a clinical dietician. Throughout the process, methods of losing a healthy and balanced weight are explained, fat and fluid loss is measured by body analysis, and blood tests are performed when necessary to achieve the best result. ''

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