Will Help Keep Covid-19 Vaccines Safely

will help keep covid vaccines safe
will help keep covid vaccines safe

According to the data of the World Health Organization, 50 percent of the vaccines produced in the world are wasted every year due to improper storage caused by not providing the right temperature conditions. Addressing this issue is more important than ever as Pfizer and Moderna's new COVID-19 vaccines require very cold storage. kazanhe's eating.

The first series of COVID-19 vaccines is now in distribution. That's why healthcare organizations need to prepare for deliveries, including purchases of ultra-cold freezers that allow vaccines to be stored at temperatures as low as minus 80 centigrade degrees. However, when purchasing and operating such equipment, it may be possible to overlook critical points such as checking and correcting power parameters or providing an emergency power supply.

Vertiv Turkey and Central Asia Director of Intelligence Guler, stored in optimal conditions of vaccines today we give a serious fight the virus in the choir and implementation of uninterruptible power systems for protection until the moment says is critical. Guler, "Heat of uninterrupted power supply with continuous freezer to keep low, the vaccine plays an important role in security, Turkey is one of the luckiest countries in the supply point. We will also help our solutions and services of vaccines as one of the market's most powerful players in Turkey is securely stored, "he says.

With such risks, each vaccine storage area must have an emergency power supply system for freezers. At this point, Vertiv experts point out that an ideal and intelligent uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system must meet five criteria.

Online double conversion technology: There are three main ways a UPS transforms electricity: Offline, line interactive, and online double conversion. UPSs with online double conversion provide the broadest coverage for critical business applications. Thanks to such UPSs, very low temperature freezers are completely isolated from the electricity passing through the electrical network and protected against short circuit or voltage drops.

Seamless transition to battery power: When an ignition generator is used as backup power source, it takes some time to switch from the main power supply to the backup power supply in the event of a fault. During this delay, operation of the freezer compartment may be impaired and contents may be damaged. The double conversion UPS only provides uninterrupted power to the receiver from its own battery, so it is not a problem that the power supply is not guaranteed until the generator is activated, which provides a constant temperature for the storage of vaccines.

Scalable uptime: In some healthcare settings, a generator is either not available or critical systems need to be backed up for hours rather than just minutes. In such cases, a sufficiently long backup time can be provided by a UPS model to which external battery cabinets can be connected.

Remote monitoring of the UPS: It is important to make sure that uninterruptible power systems are operating as desired, at any time of the day. Business employees also need to make sure that the batteries are fully charged and ready for use when needed. Intelligent uninterruptible power systems operation must be remotely and locally monitored, both remotely and locally, in order for officers to manage the healthy functioning of the battery and anticipate when it needs to be replaced. Alert notifications delivered via both e-mail and SMS inform about any power problems experienced, thus speeding up response to device-related problems.

Easy installation and operation: While healthcare facilities face many challenges today, setting up and operating a UPS should not be their next challenge. Quick to install, plug and play systems can power multiple freezers. Thanks to its compact size, the power supply can be floor or wall mounted, making installation even simpler. Finally, a user-friendly, intuitive interface that provides system visibility and diagnostics aids ongoing operation and maintenance.

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