Husband Minister of Turkey Discusses Kovid-19 to 1-Year Struggle Process

He summed up the ministers husband turkiyenin process Kovid le-year fight
He summed up the ministers husband turkiyenin process Kovid le-year fight

📩 12/03/2021 16:09

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca, Ministry of Health Campus, on March 11, 2020 from the detection of the first cases in Turkey Kovid-19 assessment found that as long as the next one year.

Reminding that it has been exactly 1 year since the day the first case was announced, Koca reminded that the World Health Organization (WHO) global epidemic announcement was made today again a year ago.

Reminding that he appeared before the citizens on the night of March 10, Koca said, “Even though we have gained time, the entry of the virus into our country is inevitable, we should meet the situation with common sense and we are prepared. Kovid-11 is the first epidemic in the last 19 years, where the whole world has been fighting at the same time, with such a high number of cases and losses. "When we look at the past, it is possible to compare the epidemic to a global war in which the common enemy is a virus," he said.

"Science has gained the upper hand against the virus"

Reminding that the epidemic started in Wuhan, China on December 1, 2019, Koca stated that very little was known about the virus in the first weeks, and today it is known about everything from the latest mutations. Koca said, “As we expected, science has gained the upper hand over the virus. "The steps taken with vaccination studies have been the pride of civilization," he said.

"Very soon, 5 more local vaccine candidates will start human studies"

Referring to the vaccine issue, Koca stated that there are 7 different Kovid-19 vaccines in use in the world.

Her husband, a great race in vaccine procurement underlining that Turkey's fastest acting is one of the country said:

“We made a 50 million-dose vaccine agreement with the manufacturer in China in November. We received the first part of the order at the end of December. We agreed with two different vaccine manufacturers for a total of 130 million doses of vaccine. In addition, we have been meeting with 3 different vaccine manufacturers since the beginning. As of today, the vaccine administered is more than 10 million doses. I also regularly informed you about the vaccinations related to our local vaccines. Soon, our 5 local vaccine candidates will start human studies. We will be using our own vaccines in the near future.

Research has revealed that the SinoVac vaccine chosen by our scientists is effective in more than 100 out of every 80 people, and the vaccine shows the expected protection. A small number of people who are vaccinated but caught the disease experience mild Kovid-19, and there are generally no complaints that require hospital treatment. It seems that the coronavirus will not become an ordinary disease like the flu in a short time, but the nightmare that collapsed in 2020 will not continue in 2021.

"We must close the ways of transmission of the disease with a mask"

Saying, "These days full of self-sacrifice and longing, your worries about getting sick and losing your relatives will be replaced by the happiness of re-arranging your life," Koca continued as follows:

“I can't fully promise you to go back to our days when we didn't recognize masks, when staying close was an expression of closeness, but we see us walking there.

If we vaccinate 50 million of our population before autumn, as planned, the epidemic will no longer be a heavy pressure on us. I strongly hope that in this world-wide war, this will be one of the first fronts to be successful, this front, this country. Until the vaccine is completed, the only weapon we have is the precaution. We must close the transmission routes of the disease with a mask. "

He passed away due to Kovid-17 since the first news of his death on March 2020, 19 “I want to commemorate some other days of this year. "If we can breathe a little bit now, we owe it to the steps taken in the days that I will remind you a little bit."

Turkey Coronavirus Science Board of the WHO's disease is a "pandemic" as the declaration reminiscent of the very first established on January 22, her husband, the first book about the epidemic's board that it's ready on January 24 and said that it is an event that is admirable that.

Husband Minister of Turkey February 4 that started the distribution of self-produced domestic diagnostic kits, Kovid-19 test 47 said that the number of laboratories that can be upgraded to 461.

"We do not boast ourselves"

Turkey's producing his own breathing apparatus and voicing their hospitals to deliver to countries in need as well as her husband, "we immediately resort to widespread screening called Filyasyo the coronavirus Turkey's statements would have a heavier table. "We do not boast ourselves, but we inevitably feel sorry for the losses of the world," he said.

“Dear healthcare professionals, I would like to find words worthy of you, but this is really difficult,” Minister Koca said, “You saved lives, you risked your life. This society will never forget the photos that show you in sweaty aprons. Thanks to you, we know once again that professions that serve human health are professions in which goodness and other human qualities are seen the most. We are grateful to you. Your burden and fatigue have partially decreased, but you are still our assurance today. In the presence of my nation, on behalf of my nation, I express our gratitude to you once again ”.

"The vaccination program runs smoothly"

Stating that the restrictions that are now diminished are inevitable, Minister Koca said, "One year after the first case, I want to make a new call to you on March 2021 of 11, let's get rid of the feelings of pessimism, uncertainty and boredom. Let's connect to life and our tomorrows with all our soul, with our plans for the future. We have a strong reason to do this, the vaccination program, which started on January 13, is running smoothly. When the vaccination program is completed, as I mentioned before, the number of cases will have decreased to 5 out of 1, for example, it will be close to this, we will hear the word seriously ill. It goes without saying how this picture will change social life, and how it will be reflected in 83 million ”.

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