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from black pepper
from black pepper

We want to be aware of everything that happens in the environment we live in.

So much so that we live in a city that is pregnant with an event, an event and a sportive activity at every moment of the day. While sometimes a chess tournament is played in Karaman, sometimes volleyball and sometimes football competitions are played.

Again, there are many other events besides these sports competitions. Sometimes a meeting is held, sometimes festivities and sometimes aid campaigns are held. news site conveys all of these with timely and accurate information so that people can instantly learn and participate in such events.

Turkey's Biggest Local News Site

In 2007 by Âdem Kocatürk, the local Karaman Established as a news website, has left 14 years behind since it started its broadcasting life. With the principle of instant reporting every year, it has extended the number of visitors, the session rates as it ensures continuous continuity in the news, and the duration of staying on the site with original content and columns, thus it has become a growing news site.

The site that grows day by day is only Karaman news while inside a race between the site is no longer the case with Turkey have become today's race. So much so that the digital media world with all sorts of graphics and data analysis according to the data I Alex is now among the top 5 sites among local news sites in Turkey. Karaman agenda its news is mostly followed from news site.

National Press Karaman Representative, which continues such a development with great devotion and determination, is the representative of Turkuaz Media News Site Karaman from the national press.

Current's get on 15 July process, get to the last days of the virus is almost the only topic of conversation choir all of them in the national press representatives Black UmAndAki breaking news I have to interview they did with Adam Kocaturk announce to all of Turkey.

Karaman Weather

In the 4 seasons we live, people carry out separate activities according to each season. Farmers Karaman Weather According to his knowledge, he cultivates. The construction sector continues its building activities according to the weather conditions. In short, weather information is investigated at every stage of life. news website informs citizens by publishing the last-minute information from Meteorology as Karaman Weather in the City Guide section of the site.

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