Eurasia Tunnel Vehicle Pass Guaranteed Not Even Half

Eurasia tunnel vehicle pass guarantee did not hold
Eurasia tunnel vehicle pass guarantee did not hold

Half of the vehicle warranty given last year for the Eurasia Tunnel has not been reached. For 2020 million 12 thousand vehicles not exceeding in 697, 54 million 851 thousand dollars will be released from the Treasury.

According to the news of Başak Kaya from SÖZCÜ newspaper; “The one-year balance sheet of the Eurasia Tunnel with guaranteed passage has been announced. The number of vehicles passing through the tunnel, which was guaranteed to pass 2020 million 25 thousand in 194, reached 12 million 496 thousand. Even half of the warranty could not be reached. 69 thousand passes were guaranteed a day, but this figure was never caught for 12 months.

In the tunnel, where 2 million 70 thousand vehicles are calculated to pass per month, 1 million 608 thousand vehicles per month could not be climbed. 176 thousand vehicles passed through the tunnel in April and only 372 thousand in May. The Treasury will pay 2020 million 12 thousand dollars (697 million TL) to the company that operates the Eurasia Tunnel for 54 million 851 thousand vehicles not exceeding in 411.

The target for the tunnel opened on December 26, 2016 was never met. The tunnel, which cost 1.2 billion dollars in total, will be operated by ATAŞ, a Turkish-South Korean partner, for another 20 years. CHP Zonguldak Deputy and TBMM KIT Commission Member Deniz Yavuzyılmaz told SÖZCÜ:


“In 2017, 38 million 804 thousand dollars were paid for vehicles that did not pass through the tunnel. In 2018, another 31 million 412 thousand dollars went. In 2019, 30 million 219 dollars were paid. The 2020 bill was 54 million 851 thousand dollars. Thus, the balance sheet of the last 4 years increased to 155 million 286 thousand dollars. Tunnel toll was increased by 10 lira at the beginning of this year and went up from 36 lira to 46 lira. "

CHP Zonguldak Deputy Yavuzyılmaz said, “The money from the Treasury reaches horrible numbers. This money is the taxes of the people ... They are defending that 'there is a virus, so the number of vehicles has dropped'. Was there a virus in 2017-2018, it did not target again. At Zafer Airport, the target deviated by 99.5 percent. "Even a primary school student makes better calculations," he said.

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