The Details of the Workshop on Fast Journey to the Future High Speed ​​Train Shared

Details of the workshop on fast travel to the future, fast train, were shared
Details of the workshop on fast travel to the future, fast train, were shared

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, who attended the March meeting of the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), and the vice presidents answered the questions of the council members.

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) March Assembly Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Çetin Yıldırım, Council Chairman. Following the reading of the February decision summaries, trial balance and expense lists were discussed and accepted by majority vote.

Providing information to the members of the council about the activities and works of the Board of Directors in February, Chairman of the Board Mustafa Eken shared the details of the workshop on 'Fast Journey to the Future - High Speed ​​Train' to be held on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

President Eken pointed out that the workshop on 'Fast Journey to the Future - High Speed ​​Train', which will be held after 2 months of work, is important for Sivas. I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors, Assembly Members and Chamber staff who contributed in this regard. High speed train is coming, but Sivas is ready? As our Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the workshop is very important in terms of the preparation of our stakeholders, hotels, restaurants, rent-a-cars, historical places and districts, in short, whatever comes to your mind. Nearly 2 guests will come to this workshop to get us ready. Our TSO presidents of the provinces where the environment and high-speed trains arrive, senior officials within the TCDD, our parliamentarians, our governor, mayor, NGO presidents, council members, Professional Committees, journalists and the wise people of our city will come together. We will contemplate and discuss with our professors at 400 tables with nearly 250 guests. I hope the booklet will be distributed to the relevant places in the decisions taken. I believe our workshop will set an example. This workshop will be held in neighboring provinces after us. This Workshop is important for Sivas, for our Chamber ”.


Stating that they are continuing the inspections and visits within the scope of the controlled normalization process, President Eken said; “Last week I personally started visiting again. We both visit our members and make our warnings about the pandemic. Our craftsmen are sensitive, God bless them all. We no longer have the strength to endure, the situation of our tradesmen is troubled, we will follow the measures altogether, we will continue to warn. As soon as possible, we will at least download this disease and continue it in yellow in Sivas. In this, you all have a duty. "
Our President Eken stated that they will undertake important and exemplary projects as Sivas TSO in 2021 and continued his words as follows; "With our new vision Room in Sivas in 2021, we began the project will be an example to Turkey. We will support Gemerek OIZ, and we will support OIZ with Şarkış. We will also support Demirağ OIZ, we will support the 1st OIZ and we will continue to do so. As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, wherever our name is mentioned, we have done our responsibility to our Chamber and we will continue to do so. The good news given by our President will be put into effect with the completion of the infrastructure of Demirağ OIZ and its decree will be signed. With the signing of the decree of Demirağ OIZ, investors who will provide employment for 10-15 thousand people are ready. So everything is ready, you just need a decree. I believe that this decree will also be signed by our President. We don't say Demirağ anymore, we want Sivas to be included in the center of attraction. We will want this together.


STSO Bank Street is located in the building phase of the project was voicing Eken the President, the new building will be converted into a training center and said it would be an example in Turkey. Our President, Eken, said, “We have completed the demolition of our service building on Bankalar Street, land mergers have been made. Project work has started now. We want this building to be a training center in several countries around the world that will bring our city to our city by leading the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Here, we will build a training home for our entrepreneurs, where we can both provide training and clustering, offer our entrepreneurs their projects, support them and find angel investors, ”he said.

Following the speech of President Eken, Zeytin Consulting firm owner Zuhal Selçuk and project architect Abdullah Mücahit gave information to the members of the council and answered their questions.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin and the vice presidents attended the council meeting and gave information about their work and answered the questions of the council members.

Mayor Eken expressed his satisfaction that Mayor Hilmi Bilgin was a guest at the March council meeting and said, “We will discuss all aspects of Sivas with our board of directors and council members. We will consult with our Mayor, Hilmi Bilgin, to express our views on everything that will contribute to the development of our country, from development to development, from fast trains to industry and economy. On the other hand, we will listen to the services of our president. We will share our ideas and suggestions with him. He always emphasizes common wisdom and consultation, indeed, we have known him as a person who tries to serve with the understanding of us, not me, who attaches importance to consultation both during his deputies, as a deputy minister, and as a Mayor. On behalf of our Sivas business world, I would like to thank you and your team. I hereby once again state that we are always with you in your work ”.

Thanking Mayor Mustafa Eken and the members of the Assembly for their kind invitation, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said, “From the first day we took office, we said that we will govern this city together, and we said common mind and consultation are our motto. Our understanding of management is that municipalities are not the rulers of the city, but the eunuchs, ie servants. At this point, we serve with the awareness that our nation should always supervise us, that we are in an effort to fulfill the services we do and will do with an accountable and transparent municipal understanding, and that our nation has the right to come and hold an account. We are excited to fulfill the projects for the benefit of our city with the understanding of us, not me, and always confront our nation with the best of our hearts. Therefore, when we look back from today, we serve our nation from all walks of life, with an understanding that can respond to the needs of our fellow countrymen, whose voice is breathless. Our motto is "Because We Have Come To Win Hearts." "We came to be our servants by the side of our fellow townsmen with 94 souls."

Deputy Mayors Levent Olgun, Ahmet Duman, Bekir Sıtkı Eminoğlu, Kayhan Işık and Necmettin Yılmaz and ÖZBELSAN General Manager Ahmet Kuzu were also present at the meeting, which ended with the question and answer section.



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