Renewable Electricity Production Increased 72 Percent in Turkey

renewable generating electricity increased in my face in Turkey
renewable generating electricity increased in my face in Turkey

Zeren Zeren Group CEO Mustafa Yigit, with large investments in Turkey in the field of energy said energy is rapidly becoming a fully independent country.

While the world population increases by an average of 80 million each year, energy consumption is increasing at the same momentum. While fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas are insufficient in meeting the energy needs in the long term, they seriously harm the world with the chemicals they emit. In this case, brought forward renewable energy resources, energy technologies, such as the work for which the whole world seems to be accelerated in Turkey. According to TEİAŞ data, 2017 gigawatt / hour of electricity was generated in 26.562 with geothermal, wind and solar energy in our country, while this figure reached 2020 with an increase of 72 percent in 45.897. Turkey and Zeren Group's CEO makes investments for wind energy in Europe Mustafa Yigit Zeren, "for the future of the world, renewable energy sources is gaining more importance every day. In particular, we feel the effects of climate change more and more in this period, Turkey is fast becoming his biggest investment in energy with a fully independent country, "he said.

30% of electrical energy will be met from renewable sources

Pointing out that while the energy consumption of the world is gradually increasing, the fossil fuel resources are constantly decreasing, Mustafa Yiğit Zeren said, “We consume more energy every year than before. In order to meet this high demand, we need to utilize renewable energy sources at the highest level. Turkey, in the transport sector and at least 2023 percent of the total demand for electricity needs until 30 to meet the renewable energy targets of 10 percent. It also aims to reduce its energy intensity, ie the amount of energy consumed per unit of GDP, by at least 2011 percent based on 20. As a country rich in renewable energy resources, we are taking firm steps towards these goals and we see that our success is an example to Europe in particular.

A 3 MW portfolio is targeted in 50 years

As one of Turkey's well established holdings in the energy field they undertook the mission to provide national income, that they export renewable energy projects are also mentioned in this context Mustafa Yigit Zeren, "We believe the future is in renewable energy. In 2021, we aim to undertake international investments and grow in strategic areas. We prioritize renewable energy investments. We develop renewable energy projects for European countries, especially the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. "We plan to reach a portfolio of 3 MW in the next 50 years with the investments we will make in solar and wind energy in these countries."



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