Taycan Cross Turismo Passes Through Porsche's Tough Test Program

Carrier Cross Turismo Passes Porsche's Tough Test Program
Carrier Cross Turismo Passes Porsche's Tough Test Program

The new version of the Taycan, Porsche's first fully electric sports car, the Taycan Cross Turismo is being tested in harsh conditions around the world before it goes on sale. The prototypes of the car traveled nearly 25 times around the world during these tests.

The final test runs of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo model were carried out on tracks in different regions from the Nürburgring Nordschleife to the Grand Prix circuit in Hockenheim, from the Italian town Nardò to the Pyrenees - France. Thanks to the road called the safari track at the Weissach Development Center, the tests were completed by taking off-road conditions one step further outside Africa. Cross Turismo prototypes, which covered a total of 998 kilometers during the tests, circled the world almost 361 times based on the equator.

The new version embodies all the strengths of the Taycan sports sedan, such as superior performance and long range. The chassis with four-wheel drive and air suspension can be adjusted in height. The car also offers a larger interior space and greater luggage space for rear passengers. Optimized to the finest detail, the car was made ready as a result of a total of 650 designs and 1.500 hours of workshops.

Resembles a swiss army knife

“When developing the Cross Turismo, we naturally benefited from our experience with the Taycan sports sedan,” said Stefan Weckbach, Vice President for the model line. The biggest challenge was to combine the requirements of sportiness with off-road capabilities. The Cross Turismo should have been able to perform well on the racetrack, while also dealing with large pits, mud and gravel. ” said. These conditions were simulated in the "endurance test area" in the Weissach Development Center. Weckbach continued: “The result is impressive. Although Cross Turismo is not an off-road vehicle at its core, it specializes in unpaved and dirt roads. It resembles an open Swiss army knife on rims that can reach up to 21 inches. ”

Same test program as internal combustion engines

Porsche's electric cars must pass rigorous testing programs in which sports cars with internal combustion engines pass. Test programs include not only high performance-oriented conditions, but also the condition of full suitability for daily use in all climatic conditions. Challenging tasks such as charging the battery or controlling powertrain and indoor temperatures in extreme conditions are among other features tested in battery-powered electric models. Other development goals typical for Porsche include racetrack performance, the ability to accelerate repeatedly at full speed, and a range that is suitable for everyday use.

325 hours against storm

Extensive testing in the lab and with test equipment included the development and verification of the aerodynamic design. Thus Cross Turismo endured the storm in the wind tunnel for about 325 hours. The Taycan sports sedan had spent 1.500 hours in the wind tunnel during development.

The new rear bike carrier designed by Porsche for this model was also subjected to a stringent test program and driving dynamics tests on rough roads. Bicycle carrier; It sets new benchmarks when it comes to handling, ergonomics, driving safety and durability. It can carry more than one e-bike on its wide rails that are well spaced.

Digital launch on March 4

The new Cross Turismo combines Porsche's E-Performance concept with everyday use and appeals to customers with an active lifestyle. Porsche, which delivered more than 2020 thousand Taycan in 20, will launch the Taycan Cross Turismo Europe in the summer of 2021.

Taycan deserves to receive more than 50 international awards in many regions, especially in Germany, USA, UK and China. kazanwas. The Taycan, which drifts for 42,171 kilometers without interruption, also holds the Guinness World Record™ in the category of longest drift with a fully electric sports car.

The first fully electric CUV Taycan Cross Turismo digital world premiere will be held on 4 March and will be sold in Turkey in June.

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