Can Hearing Impairment Be Prevented?

hearing impairment can be prevented
hearing impairment can be prevented

Hearing impairment, which can be eliminated by today's medical facilities when diagnosed early and early intervention is seized, still remains a problem due to low awareness of new solutions. Hearing loss is cited as one of the most common disabilities in the world.

Professor of the Department of Ear Nose and Throat, Faculty of Medicine, Marmara University. Dr. Çağlar Batman states that there are 360-450 million people living with hearing impairment in the world, and 36-40 million of the deaf individuals are in their childhood. The work done in our country, stating that Turkey showed that 2,4 million people with hearing problems, according to the study by the World Health Organization that can be avoided as much as 55-60 percent of their hearing loss was also added.

"Ideal limit for implantation in babies is 1 year"

Saying, "Hearing implant application should be done immediately after the age of 1 in babies and with the detection of severe hearing loss in other candidates," Çağlar Batman pointed out that waiting times make it difficult to benefit from the implant and adapt. He underlined that, due to the studies on hearing awareness in our country, newborn hearing screening was performed successfully, he said that almost 100% of the newborn babies were subjected to screening tests within the scope. Dr. Batman continued: “Hearing loss in adults occurs most often in older ages. It is not enough to benefit from hearing aids in severe age-related hearing losses. Cochlear implants are the most perfect technological solution for severe hearing loss. These devices also increase the patient's speech discrimination. "

Who is a cochlear implant suitable for?

Dr. Batman stated that the cochlear implant can be applied to children between the ages of 1 and 4 with congenital hearing impairment, children who have had hearing loss for any reason in the same age group, children whose speech development has started and anyone who has completed speech development. Stating that implantation can also be performed for adolescents and adults who have completed their speech development and later experience severe hearing loss, “The solution of the problems that develop due to hearing loss enables the individual to participate and contribute to social life and increases the quality of life. Verbal communication, as we all know, is the most common communication tool. When we consider that speech development can be possible with a healthy hearing, the importance of hearing is better understood. " said.

Drawing attention to the fact that the implant selection is made according to the anatomical factors of the patient and the developmental characteristics of the inner ear, Dr. Batman continued as follows: “The implant selected according to the inner ear development characteristics will provide a more adequate perception of hearing. Hearing tests, speech tests, education level and radiological findings of the patients who come to the operation stage are evaluated in detail and the necessary information is given and their approval is obtained. Patients are informed about possible hearing results and processes. Then, tests and preparations are made for general anesthesia. Anyone over 1 year old is suitable for implantation. In some special cases, smaller babies can also be operated on. Dementia status of patients is important in older ages. Implantation of patients with advanced dementia is not suitable. Implant activation is performed 3-4 weeks after the operation. The waiting period is necessary for the full recovery of the operation field ”.

Hearing implant surgeries are under the guarantee of the state

In Turkey, the total hearing loss in children for implantation in both ears 1-4 years of age, in adults who have completed the development of speech in case of hearing loss in near total and total in both ears can only be made in one ear implantation state guarantee.

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