The button is pressed for the Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan

Button pressed for Kocaeli tourism master plan
Button pressed for Kocaeli tourism master plan

With the common wisdom that will occur with the participation of local governments and the public, Kocaeli will reach its goal of a brand and a happy city in the national and international arena; City Policies and Research Center (ŞURA), which was established by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to carry out studies in order to develop model, effective and sustainable projects, started online meetings for the "Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan" as of February, with the participation of Balamir GÜNDOĞDU, General Secretary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. held its first face-to-face meeting.


The meeting was held at Seka Park Hotel with the participation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Balamir Gündoğdu, and Dr. Ali Yeşildal, Head of KBB Culture and Social Affairs Department Raşit Fidan, Kocaeli Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Fatih Taşdelen, Kocaeli Provincial Culture and Tourism Deputy Director Ayhan ZEREN, KBB Historical Places and Urban Aesthetics Branch Manager Volkan Şenel, Bekir Serin on behalf of Kocaeli City Council, Assoc. Dr. Bilsen Bilgili, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Board Member Atalay Kaya, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Board Member Hızır Fatih Sarıoğlu, Cem Bayrak from Eastern Marmara Development Agency, Muhammed Bayrak, Candan Umut Özden and other board members attended.


Stating that he looks forward to the work to be carried out by the Board, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Balamir Gündoğdu; “Our President, Assoc. Dr. We are in an effort to do our best for our city with Tahir Büyükakın's "Happy City" motto. The Tourism Master Plan, which will be shaped by the valuable contributions of our Culture, Art and Tourism Policy Board, is both essential and important for the happiness of our people ”.


Stating that the reports to be prepared by the Board will add value to Kocaeli, Secretary General Gündoğdu; “The first target of the board should be 'Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan'. Turkey's perception of Kocaeli related industries. Everyone knows that Kocaeli is an industrial city. However, only 5 percent of Kocaeli consists of industry, 60 percent of agriculture and 30 percent of forests. This opens the door to tourism for us. This city should come to the fore with tourism. Every report that this board will produce will be discussed. Any issue concerning the city will be handled by this board. Our priority will be 'Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan' and how we can contribute to the plan. The opinion of everyone in the board is important. I would like to thank the names and institutions in the board, ”he said.


Drawing attention to the fact that the only goal of ŞURA is Kocaeli, City Policies and Research Center President Dr. Ali Yesildal; “We have been working for a very long time. We established the Culture, Art and Tourism Policy Board within the ŞURA to make joint decisions. We make all decisions together. The motivation of our board is very high. We prepared our strategic action plan for the 'Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan'. We will do our first big study in May. Our goal is to organize a Tourism Workshop and Council ”.


The strategic action plan for the 'Tourism Master Plan' was discussed at the meeting. In addition, in the first stage of the process, it was decided to organize surveys, in-depth interviews, workshops and information gathering activities. The Board also exchanged views on the "Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan".

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