Car Sales in China Set a Record in February

Automobile sales broke a record in February
Automobile sales broke a record in February

China Automobile Manufacturers Association announced on March 11 that automobile sales increased by 1,46 percent in the last month, with sales of 365 million units compared to the same month of the previous year. A year ago, in February, the Chinese bought 310 thousand vehicles. At that time, there was a curfew due to the corona epidemic, and most of the outlets were also closed. In February 2019, the release was roughly equivalent to that of this year, with sales of 1,48 million vehicles. Therefore, automobile sales in China have reached the level of the pre-epidemic.

Last year, demand for cars in China dropped by double digits between January and April. However, the sector started to straighten its waist as of May; According to data from the China Manufacturers Association, 2020 million passenger cars were sold for the whole of 6, down 19,8 percent compared to the previous year. In the same year, the sector declined by 15 percent in the United States and 24 percent in the European Union.

Demand for alternative wheel drive vehicles is growing faster in China than the general demand for the entire industry. The China Automobile Manufacturers Association announced last month that pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles increased 110 percent, with sales of 585 one-unit. This means a market share of 7,5 percent.

Source: China International Radio

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