ASELSAN's Signature for Urban Traffic Management

Aselsan signature for urban traffic management
Aselsan signature for urban traffic management

Mass production of traffic management devices, which have Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) certificates and developed within ASELSAN, started. In this context, intersection control device, variable message / traffic signs and traffic signaling systems were offered to customers. The first installation was carried out in Kırıkkale within the scope of the contracted project.

Intersection control devices communicate with each other to provide traffic management at both intersection and city scale. Unlike the use of predetermined plans, which is the method generally used in the industry, the system works in real time with a fully adaptive model. Using various sensors and image processing technologies such as cameras and “loop” detectors, the durations of traffic lights at the intersections are instantly determined with the vehicle density information coming from the intersections. For example, if there is no vehicle in one of the intersection branches, no green light is turned on for that direction to increase the efficiency of the traffic flow.

According to the data collected before and after the use of the junction control device at the specified intersections, on average, 26.14% decrease in delays per vehicle, 15.87% in the number of stops per vehicle, 510 lt in total daily fuel consumption and 2 kg in total daily CO1.220 emission, according to the data collected in the same time periods.

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